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Her Husband

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Everyone's attention was attracted by the slap. Liu Anan was hit unexpectedly, but she soon recovered and screamed, wanting to get back at Su Qianci. However, Su Qianci was even faster. Blocking Liu Anan hand with one hand, Su Qianci used her other hand to slap the other side of Liu Anan's face.

People started to gather around.

"Su Qianci!" Liu Anan was almost mad. She had never been treated like this. Feeling her cheeks burning, she knew her face must be swollen. With tears in her eyes, she threw herself at Su Qianci in anger.

Su Qianci stepped aside quickly, and Liu Anan almost fell forward. Trying to regain balance, Liu Anan was pushed in the back and fell to the floor. Although she was not hurt because of the carpeted floor, Liu Anan felt completely mortified.

"Hey." Fu Lengbing stopped Su Qianci and said, "We can always talk it out. Don't use violence."

Su Qianci glanced at him and snapped, "Let go!"

Fu Lengbing paused and immediately put his hands in the air.

Seeing that Su Qianci wanted to hit her again, Liu Anan cringed and groaned. "Su Qianci, what did I ever do to you for you to treat me like this?"

Su Qianci sneered. "What did you do?" Then, she raised Liu Anan's phone up and bristled. "Why did you send pictures like these to my husband?"

Husband? She is married?

Most of her classmates did not know that, looking at her curiously.

Liu Anan winced and soon cried out loud, "What are talking about? I do not understand."

Su Qianci sent the two pictures to the chat group of their high school class. Immediately, a lot of people's phones rang.

Seeing the first picture, Lu Yihan was dazed. And when he swiped and saw the second picture of the room number, he immediately looked gloomy.

"She sent pictures like these?"

"No way… They were just chatting. And she followed up by sending a picture of a hotel room. What does that even mean? That doesn't prove anything."

"I bet her husband wouldn't think that."

Liu Anan became pale and quickly explained, "The phone is not mine. Lin Wanting asked me to hold it for her. It is none of my business."

"Really? Check out the time it was sent. It was five minutes ago. Was Lin Wanting even here?"

"She must have programmed the message to be sent at that time to frame me."

"Well then. How did Lin Wanting have my husband's number then?" Su Qianci looked fierce.

Those who used to know Su Qianci well were all surprised by her sudden fierceness. Since when had she become so strong?

"I…" Liu Anan felt incredibly pressured by Su Qianci, feeling nervous.

When Li Sicheng entered the ballroom, he saw a crowd gathering. Vaguely he heard Su Qianci asking, "…have my husband's number then?" The phrase "my husband" made Li Sicheng's look become gentle. That did not sound too bad.

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