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Gobbling up food in a corner, Ding Haibo glanced left and right. At this high school reunion, people were not only competing with their fortune and jobs, girls were also showing off their curves. Deep cleavages were everywhere. However, it quickly became boring for Ding Haibo. He looked to a corner and saw several friends chatting together happily. The girl in navy was the most elegant and graceful.

It was Su Qianci! She was the campus belle at high school and the most pretty one at this reunion. While Ding Haibo was in a trance, he suddenly smelled cheap perfume as a woman in black stood in front of him…

Seeing Yu Lili, Su Qianci, and Lu Yihan were hanging out, some of their friends also came around to join them. They were having a wonderful time together. Su Qianci had drunk a bit too much and got up to go to the restroom. She saw Liu Anan saying something to the waiter, but did not pay too much attention.

However, when she came out of the restroom, she bumped into someone familiar. Lin Wanting was touching up her makeup in front of a mirror. Seeing Su Qianci walking out, she immediately put her makeup away and looked at Su Qianci with rage. Su Qianci ignored her, washed her hands, and was ready to go. However, when she walked out of the door, she suddenly felt something behind her back.

Although it was not a pleasant experience at the martial arts studio in the end, she had indeed learned jiu jitsu. Seeing a hand reaching for her, Su Qianci frowned, stepped aside, and dodged the attack. Grabbing the person's wrist, Su Qianci pulled her forward.

Lin Wanting did not expect Su Qianci to be so alert. She fell forward and lost her balance, letting out a cry. Hearing the cry, Ding Haibo, who was waiting at the door, was overjoyed and opened the door like he had been told, spreading out his arms. Holding a soft body, Ding Haibo did not see who it was and suddenly felt quite satisfied. He immediately grabbed the breasts of the girl and rubbed them hard. When he was about to go further, Ding Haibo saw Su Qianci standing in the ladies' room, looking appalled.

Since Su Qianci was standing in front of him, who was this person in his arms? Ding Haibo looked down and saw Lin Wanting's weird expression.

"Ah!" Lin Wanting screamed and pushed Ding Haibo away.

Seeing it was her, Ding Haibo felt quite dissatisfied. "Are you blind? Watch where you're going." Ding Haibo then looked at his palms, missing the bouncy feeling.

Lin Wanting was both shy and angry. She turned around and bristled. "Su Qianci!"

Su Qianci looked slightly sympathetic and then glanced at Ding Haibo, commenting, "Quite lucky, aren't you?"

Completely stunned, Ding Haibo felt there was a cat scratching his heart. He stared at her back as she left, eager to do something.

Lin Wanting was gritting her teeth. When she wanted to get back at Su Qianci, she saw Su Qianci taking a glass of cocktail from a waiter -- the waiter that Liu Anan had talked to. Seeing that, Lin Wanting calmed down as she sneered inwardly.

Su Qianci, let's wait to see what happens.

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