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Mom's Dress

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Liu Anan's remark immediately caught people's attention.

Su Qianci curled her lips and said while walking, "Your face sure could use that."

Yu Lili suddenly choked on the wine she just drank, bursting into laughter. As she laughed, people around her couldn't help laughing as well.

Liu Anan's face became blue as she could tell that Su Qianci was saying she was ugly. Liu Anan bristled. "Su Qianci!"

Su Qianci glanced at her. "You need something?"

Seeing how calm Su Qianci was, Liu Anan felt like she just threw a punch at cotton, not knowing how to react. As everyone was staring at her, Liu Anan felt she was put on the spot.

As she was planning on cursing Su Qianci, Su Qianci had already turned to Lu Yihan and asked, "is this a masquerade?"

Lu Yihan felt puzzled. "No."

"All right… I thought they were dressing as Snow White and the evil queen. I was mistaken."

Hearing that, everyone looked at Liu Anan and Lin Wanting. One in blue, and the other in black, just like Snow White and the evil queen. Lin Wanting almost went crazy. She felt everyone was looking at her viciously. It was as if everyone felt she was ugly. Tears fell from Lin Wanting's eyes as she raged. "Su Qianci, why are you doing this to me? I have done nothing at all!"

Su Qianci looked puzzled and said, "What did I do to you?"

Lin Wanting paused and then bristled. "I treated you as a good friend, but you colluded with Yu Lili to trick me into buying such an expensive outfit and cutting my hair. Don't you think that's too much?"

Yu Lili was not happy to hear that. "Hey, don't be so shameless. You borrowed money from Qianqian to buy your outfit and shoes. If I did not vouch for you, do you think you could have borrowed so much money?"

A girl suddenly looked surprised. "I thought she suddenly became rich. My mom has the same dress and it costs at least a hundred thousand. So she borrowed money to buy this?"

"No way… Your mom has the same dress?"

"The exact same. She has some guts to borrow so much money."

Lin Wanting suddenly became pale, as she did not expect Yu Lili to expose her in front of so many people.

"That's right. I still have your IOU. Don't forget to pay Qianqian back." Yu Lili retrieved a note from her handbag and gave it to Su Qianci. "Here, you left this behind last time."

Seeing the IOU that she wrote herself, Lin Wanting became even more pale and stopped. "Yu Lili, Su Qianci, what did I ever do to you for you to humiliate me like this?"

"Humiliating you?" Su Qianci looked puzzled. "You were the one who borrowed money, wrote the IOU, and brought it up. When did we ever humiliate you?"

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