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Her Elegy

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The slim white figure was like an elf. His sharp gaze became gentle when seeing her. He could not move his eyes away.


He had never discovered that the woman actually looked perfect in front of a piano. It was as if she was born to play. She could always surprise him.

Not noticing that someone was observing, Su Qianci carefully revealed the keyboards.

What a gorgeous instrument.

This grand piano was the last work of a retired master purchased by Li Sicheng at a high price at an auction. In her previous lifetime, she had always had her eyes on this piano, wanting to touch it but afraid that Li Sicheng would hate her even more. After all, even Tang Mengying was not allowed to touch it.

However, Li Sicheng had gone to work, which meant he was not around. She would just play for a little while. Her long fingers fell on the keyboard, making a crisp sound. Su Qianci felt like she had melted. This piano was better than every single piano she had ever touched in her two lifetimes combined. It was such a waste for the piano not to be played.

Lamenting, Su Qianci's fingers danced away. She was playing Für Elise, Beethoven's masterpiece.

As Li Sicheng walked over to her, he heard the music changing. Initially, he thought it was a mistake and was a bit irritated that a great piano was not played right. However, before he even reached her, he found that he was terribly wrong. It was clearly intentional. The music gradually became sad, with a tragic and pathetic appeal. Hearing the music, Li Sicheng couldn't help stopping, listening carefully to his wife's music.

Su Qianci did not notice that he had come close. Eyes on the keyboard, she played the music she created herself. In her previous lifetime, her unborn baby was murdered by Tang Mengying, and then she was set up by Tang Mengying and got her face ruined. Captain Li had always been on her side and forbade Li Sicheng from divorcing her. However, everyone else in the Li family chose to turn their back to her. No one trusted her. In despair, Su Qianci created a tune called Elegy. Except for Captain Li, no one had ever heard it. And of course, no one would have understood it.

Eyes on the keyboard, Su Qianci was thinking about something else. However, she was too skilled to make a mistake. It was her own music after all.

Hearing the music, Li had a grim look. He had never heard the music before. It was sad to the bones, but hope had not been lost. What had the musician experienced to create a tune like this? Li did not disturb her, standing behind Su Qianci.

Under the lush leaves of wisteria, the couple each had their own thoughts.

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