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Great Job

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Great Job

The two women were both startled, turning their heads.

Ou Ming was wearing a tight casual outfit, looking quite low-key and slightly gloomy. A gorgeous man, but dangerous at the same time. Unlike Li Sicheng who always had a stern face, Ou Ming was smiling. However, it was easy to tell that he was not in the best mood.

Seeing Ou Ming, Yu Lili obviously looked a bit unnatural. She wrung her hands, looking nervous. How much did he hear? Just "sugar daddy"? Or more?

As Ou Ming walked into the ward, he glanced at Yu Lili and put his arm around her shoulder naturally. "Talking s**t about me?" Ou Ming whispered into Yu Lili's ear, sounding dangerous.

Yu Lili froze and shook her head.

"Then why are you nervous?"

"I am not…"

"Baby, you're not a good liar."

Yu Lili's heart skipped a beat. She was even more confused. How much did he hear?

Su Qianci was worried about the same thing and tried to distract him. "So you're Ou Ming?"

Ou Ming then looked to Su Qianci, asking curiously, "You still remember me? I barely met you at your wedding. Has it been difficult to forget me?"

Su Qianci was dazed, not realizing that Ou Ming was such a playboy.

Suddenly, Ou Ming approached her and asked, "I heard that you're going to divorce him?"

Su Qianci was even more confused. How did he find out?

Looking at her expression, Ou Ming smiled. "So that is confirmed. Great job."

Su Qianci chuckled.

Isn't he Li Sicheng's best friend? Why is he happy about Li Sicheng's divorce?

As Ou Ming said that, an object suddenly hit him on the head. Ou Ming paused, turned his head, and bristled. "Who is it!" Then he saw a face as cold as iceberg.

As Li Sicheng showed up, Ou Ming's anger immediately disappeared. Su Qianci could clearly sense that his tone became weaker. "It's you."

Ignoring him, Li Sicheng walked inside with a lunchbox in his hand. He glanced at Su Qianci's smile and said slowly, "You look much better now." Noticing his dark gaze, Su Qianci's smile disappeared a little as she felt a bit uneasy.

He seems to be unhappy. Is it because of the topic of the divorce?

Seeing the logo on the lunchbox in Li Sicheng's hand, Ou Ming crossed his arms and teased, "The other night, someone is trying to deny something. But then he went across the city to buy food for his wife. What a slap on the face!"

"Get lost!"

"Just telling the truth."

"I got the land of Xu Village."

Ou Ming immediately stopped joking as he asked incredulously, "For real?"

"You don't want it?"

"I absolutely do."

"Then get lost."

"Right away!"

Ou Ming immediately went away, pulling Yu Lili out of the ward. It was the first time that Yu Lili had seen Ou Ming acting like a pussy. She couldn't help glancing at Li Sicheng and was immediately seized by his cold eyes.

Yu Lili shuddered.

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