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He Deserved It

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Hearing Lu Yihan's voice, Su Qianci shook her head and asked, "Why did you come?"

"You're asking me? Yesterday you scared me to death. You first called me and made all that noise. When I called the police and went to the studio, you were covered in blood, lying in Li Sicheng's arms…"

Very soon, Lu Yihan noticed that he was about to tell her the secret and immediately stopped.

Su Qianci felt a bit amused and said, "I already know."

Hearing that, Lu Yihan saw her swollen eyes and bristled. "Why did you cross someone like that? Those people are scums. They are drug smugglers and one of them ran away. Luckily, someone found him by the beach. It seemed that he was about to run away with some money but ran into sharks. He lost half of his legs. So miserable."

"Is he dead?"

"Not yet. He is barely alive. But he totally deserves it."

"What about others?"

"Since they are drug smugglers, there is no way the sentence will be easy. They would be spending at least the next decade in jail."

How come? Those people were always joking around in the martial arts studio, and she had no idea they were criminals.

Never judge a book by its cover.

However, Su Qianci had an instinct that this might have something to do with Li Sicheng. Her instinct was almost always right. Maybe, it was really him. She knew that in five years, he would certainly be capable of this. However, she was not sure at this moment. If it really was him, why did he do that?

Su Qianci frowned and did not think too much as she suddenly saw a woman in red. "Yu Lili?" Su Qianci sounded surprised. She had a great impression of Yu Lili.

Yu Lili walked inside with a huge smile. However, when she saw Lu Yihan, her smile disappeared.

Lu Yihan saw Yu Lili and was surprised. "Isn't this our second campus belle, Yu Lili?"

Hearing Lu Yihan teasing her, Yu Lili looked his way. It was him… However, Yu Lili soon came back to herself and said, "Isn't this the famous Mr. Lu? I heard you started your own business? Are you bankrupt yet?"

Lu Yihan cried, "Dammit. Can't you wish me any luck?"

"Nope!" Placing the gift on Su Qianci's nightstand, Yu Lili glanced at her and said, "Not bad. I thought you would commit suicide or something and came to laugh at you. It seems that I shouldn't have come."

"Hey, why are you so mean still? Qianqian is not feeling well. Can't you dial it back a bit?"

"How is that your business? Qianqian? Be careful calling her that, her husband might get jealous."

"Well, well, well. Do I sense jealousy here? Are you still into me?"

Yu Lili was a girl who had always put herself out there, and Lu Yihan had been famous for being an IT talent. A few years back, it was no secret that Yu Lili was into Lu Yihan.

Hearing Lu Yihan's word, Yu Lili suddenly seemed uneasy and chuckled. "Shameless!"

Choked To Death In Bed

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Although Yu Lili was teasing Lu Yihan, Su Qianci saw that she was nervous. Yu Lili seemed to be into Lu Yihan still. However, what about Ou Ming? Su Qianci suddenly thought of the rumor about the truth of Yu Lili's death in her previous lifetime.

Rumor had it that Yu Lili was killed in bed by Ou Ming himself for unknown reasons. People said it was because Yu Lili had another guy and sponsored that guy with Ou Ming's money.

Also, in Su Qianci's last lifetime, Lu Yihan had turned from a nobody to quite a celebrity. Without enough capital, it would not have been possible for Lu Yihan to grow that fast. Su Qianci suddenly had a hunch…

Startled by her own idea, Su Qianci started to look at Yu Lili and Lu Yihan's interaction differently. Because if that was actually the case, it was horrifying.

Noticing Su Qianci's investigative gaze, Yu Lili suddenly became nervous. Did Su Qianci notice something? Holding back her nervousness, Yu Lili sat down at the side of Su Qianci's bed and started to chat with her.

Once in a while, Lu Yihan would also cut in. However, Yu Lili would talk back each time. Like a quarreling couple. That made Su Qianci even more uneasy. Thinking about it, Su Qianci sent Lu Yihan away first and asked Yu Lili to stay.

After Lu Yihan was gone, Yu Lili obviously became more relaxed. She asked curiously, "you want to talk to me?"

"Do you know the one thing that no man can tolerate?"

Yu Lili shook her head, not understanding what Su Qianci meant.

"That his woman is thinking about another guy."

Hearing that, Yu Lili became slightly pale and asked, "What did Ou Ming tell you?"

"Nothing. I have never met Ou Ming. However, I could tell that you still feel the same way about Lu Yihan as you used to."

Yu Lili became even more pale.

Is it that obvious?

She had tried hard to conceal it. How could Su Qianci tell? Su Qianci was initially uncertain. However, seeing Yu Lili's look, her suspicions were confirmed.

"You know very well how Ou Ming treats you. He is Li Sicheng's good friend, and neither of them has a good temper. Do not get on the wrong side of him. Otherwise, the consequences would be grave."

Like in her last lifetime. Su Qianci had no idea what a huge impact her words had on Yu Lili. Su Qianci was even more clear on this matter then she was! However, after Yu Lili became the mistress of Ou Ming, she knew that she could no longer wish for other things. She knew everything, but she could not forget about Lu Yihan. The reason that she had agreed to go to the high school reunion was simply to meet Lu Yihan.

Yu Lili's eyes teared up. Although feeling sympathetic for Yu Lili, Su Qianci knew that it was wiser to warn her now than see her die later.

"Thank you, Su Qianci, I know. Ou Ming treats me well. I am not so stupid as to lose this sugar daddy."

"Sugar daddy?" said a man's voice. The door was pushed open as a tall figure appeared. "Are you talking about me?"

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