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Have You Ever Felt Desperate

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Coach Jin's face was covered in blood. He struggled to get up and begged weakly, "Mr. Li, please forgive me. I have a family to feed. My wife and kid cannot live without me."

Li Sicheng's eyes were as cold as ice. "You abandoned your family for just one million dollars. Why do you think I should believe you?"

Coach Jin was stunned. He had not mentioned one word about the one million dollars, so how did Li Sicheng find out?

"Who asked you to hurt her?"

"I have no idea. Yesterday, someone suddenly called me and asked that I take a few friends to gang bang …" However, before he finished the sentence, Li Sicheng clenched his fists again.

Coach Jin screamed and stepped back.

A man next to Li Sicheng kicked him down and said, "Keep talking."

"He asked me to do that to Su Qianci and promised to give me five million dollars afterwards. One million was paid as a down payment. But I don't know who that is. He knows my bank account and my name as well as my criminal records. I just can't refuse." As a hunk as Coach Jin was, he started to cry and beg.

"Is that a woman?"

"A man! He sounded young, in his twenties probably."

When Cheng You walked in, everyone was staring at her. As smart and capable as she was, Cheng You felt a bit creeped out. Handing the information she had found to Li Sicheng, Cheng You said, "I just found out that the bank account that transferred the one million dollars to Jin Xiong is registered in a small town of T Province. It is 20 plus hours' drive from Kingstown. However, the phone number used to call him is owned by an old blind guy, whose phone was stolen yesterday and then returned to him mysteriously."

Coach Jin felt terrified. He was suddenly involved in the fight of the celebrities and a crime. What back luck!

Li Sicheng laughed coldly. He gazed at Coach Jin and asked Cheng You slowly, "So there was no clue?"

Cheng You felt a bit creeped out. Although she had been used to his temper, it was the first time she had seen him like this. "Well… There is definitely going to be something. However, we haven't found anything yet." Seeing Li Sicheng slowly walking toward Coach Jin, Cheng You spoke lower and lower.

Looking down at Coach Jin, Li Sicheng asked, "Have you ever felt desperate?"

"W… What?"

"Take him to the port. I'll sail the boat myself."

The soldier next to Li Sicheng shivered and hesitated. "Mr. Li, are you sure you're going to do this?"

"What do you think?" Li Sicheng asked slowly, looking murderous.

"Yes sir!"

Half an hour later, in mysterious waters, a rope was tied on the waist of Coach Jin, while its other end was tied on the tail of a yacht.

Li Sicheng threw a piece of fresh meat into the sea, and the fins of sharks soon appeared on the quiet waters. Coach Jin's heart sank inch by inch. He was suddenly reminded of what Li Sicheng had just said, "Have you ever felt desperate?"

The night was still young.

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