The 99Th Divorce - S01 E81

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Punishment From Li Sicheng

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Hearing the doctor's words, Li Sicheng felt something had hit him hard. Even she did not realize that the morning-after pill would fail her. Those bastards!

Sending the doctor away, Lu Yihan and Li Sicheng went into the private ward.

Su Qianci was asleep, her face pale. Her fingers dug into the blanket underneath her and her forehead was covered by cold sweat. She looked like a wilting daisy.

Gazing deeply at her, Li Sicheng turned around and walked away.

Lu Yihan was shocked, "Hey, where are you going?"

However, no one answered him.

Coach Jin had never been so down on his luck. He heard that the other three guys were taken into custody with decision pending. However, no enemy of Li Sicheng could expect a happy ending. None.

Coach Jin stood at the train station with luggage in his hand, looking left and right. It was almost 10 o'clock in the evening, and the train was almost here. As long as he hopped on, he could run away. His phone buzzed and it was from his family.

Coach Jin answered, "Hello?"

"Where are you?" His wife sounded like she was sobbing. He could also hear his child crying.

Coach Jin suddenly had a crazy idea: Li Sicheng was after his family!

"What are you doing? Don't…" His wife was screaming crazily.

Coach Jin's knees became weak as he growled with his eyes bloodshot. "Are those bastards after you?"

However, it was not his wife that answered him, but the voice of a man. "Bastards?"

Hearing the voice, Coach Jin's heart was almost in his throat. He could no longer handle himself and sat down on the floor.

"You murdered my child. How about I make you taste the same pain?" His cold voice made Coach Jin shiver.

"Don't kill me please. Daddy, save me!"

Hearing his child crying, Coach Jin couldn't help crying as well. "Li Sicheng, do not get my family involved. Catch me if you can."

Li Sicheng looked like he did not care at all. Seeing the woman and child taken hostage by his bodyguards were kept safe, Li Sicheng said, "You could determine yourself whether this is just a threat. I will wait for you at your house."

Coach Jin felt that all his strength was gone. He had no idea that Li Sicheng would strike such a low blow.

However, what does that matter?

As important as his family was to him, he could always marry again and have another child. On the other hand, he could only live once. In addition, he had not spent the one million dollars he had earned. Coach Jin gritted his teeth and rushed into the train. However, several strong men in black immediately surrounded him and pushed him down the train.

Coach Jin was shocked. "What are you doing?"

"Let's go." Someone put a bag over his head before they put him on their shoulders and then loaded him into a car. Coach Jin struggled and was let out of the car half an hour later. As the bag was taken off his head, he saw a tall figure that looked noble, and suddenly became pale.

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