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She Was Probably Dying

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Hearing that word, everyone in the elevator felt their knees were weak. Coach Jin swallowed and pushed the button to close the door immediately. Seeing that, Li Sicheng felt something was odd and frowned. Suddenly, he heard a huge noise and a woman's voice.

"Help…" Su Qianci's weak voice came into his ears.

It was her! Li Sicheng walked towards the direction of her voice, feeling oddly disturbed.

Feeling things had quieted down, Su Qianci was suddenly relieved. Those people had left for real. However, it hurt so much. The acute pain in her lower stomach was over the limit that she could take. She raised an arm, wanting to take the phone out of her pocket but failed. Her phone was dropped on the floor next to her waist, but she could not reach it. The screen was on. She could vaguely see the name Lu Yihan popping on it.

"Qianqian?" Lu Yihan sounded worried, "Don't worry, I have called the police. They will…" Su Qianci could no longer hear what Lu Yihan said next. Was she dying? It hurt so bad…

Li Sicheng kicked the door of the yoga room open and immediately saw the skinny woman lying in a pool of blood. Su Qianci had little fabric covering her body, most of her skin exposed. Underneath her, a pool of blood was scary to look at. Almost driven by his instincts, Li Sicheng ran up to check her situation.

"Su Qianci?"

Su Qianci was so pale that her face was as white as a piece of paper. Breathing rapidly, she was covered in cold sweat. Her eyes were shut as her eyelashes fluttered slightly.

Li Sicheng's eyes that had always been cold were melted by the violent scene he saw. "Su Qianci, wake up!" Li Sicheng sat her straight and patted her cheek.

Holding her stomach, she was sobbing with her lips shivering silently. Tears fell down her cheeks, making his heart tremble. Su Qianci was in such great pain that she almost fainted. She thought she heard something and felt something. Opening her eyes difficultly, she thought she had seen that person!

"Li Sicheng…" Whispering, she was as quiet as a mosquito.

"Don't worry. I will take you to the hospital right away." His voice was as cold as always. But it might be her illusion--she could almost hear fear in his voice. He was scared. What was he scared of? That she might die? Amused by her own thought, Su Qianci felt a bit sore.

Has Li Sicheng ever feared anything? No, never.

He had been like that in her previous lifetime, and of course, this lifetime would be no exception. If she could, she would love to see this man's weakness. However, she was probably dying…

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