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Doing Our Job

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Two tall men held her hands down and pulled her towards the exit. Scared, Su Qianci still managed to yell at them, "Get away from me!"

Suddenly, she felt a slight buzz from her pocket and knew that the call was connected.

"You work for the best martial arts studio in Kingstown, and you are going to rape me because you failed to ask me out?" Su Qianci raised her voice.

She wanted to warn them as well as inform the person that she had called. At this time, almost everyone in the studio had left. They were only a few coaches that were friends to Coach Jin left. No one bothered to pay them any attention.

Coach Jin warned her in a low voice, "Bitch, you better play along. No one would save you no matter how loud you are."

Su Qianci's heart sank. She could tell that. Everyone in this place was working together.

"What is it that you want?"

"Not much, just doing our job since someone paid for it." Coach Jin rubbed his crotch as the pain continued to bother him. "I thought I could have made it easy by drugging you. Since you don't want to be a good girl, I have to make it hurt. Get her to the third floor. I'm sure there's something we can do."

Suddenly Su Qianci started to struggle and cried, "Who paid you? However much she paid you, I will double that."

"Double that? She gave me a million! I have never seen that kind of money my life. Honestly, you don't really look like you have that kind of money. You should not cross that kind of women."

Su Qianci could guess who it was. "Tang Mengying?"

"I have no idea. However, she is much hotter than you."

Coach Jin looked Su Qianci up and down as she struggled and said erotically, "Relax, you're good enough. I will just f**k you and take some photos. It will be quick."

Su Qianci was dragged into the elevator and then taken into the yoga room on the third floor, which was lined with mirrors. Coach Jin shoved her into a corner and took no time to take off his clothes, revealing the muscles that made him proud.

Su Qianci became pale, clenched her fists, and screamed, "Go away! Don't come over here!"

Under the light, his bronze skin gleaming, Coach Jin threw himself at Su Qianci and ripped her jujitsu robe apart…

It was the day that Li Sicheng's big brother Li Beixing came back from the military. Grandpa specifically called Li Sicheng and Su Qianci to go to the old house for the family dinner. The black Maybach had already been parked in front of the martial arts studio for more than ten minutes. Su Qianci should have come out according to her normal schedule. What took her so long?

Li Sicheng checked his watch and saw it was 6 o'clock. He called Su Qianci and found she was on the phone with someone else. Li Sicheng frowned, got out of the car, and walked inside the studio.

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