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Good Dogs Don't Get Underfoot

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Su Qianci had been practicing at the best martial arts studio in Kingstown for more than half a month. She had zero experience but could already fight someone who came to the studio earlier than her. Her coach gave her a lot of compliments on her talent.

It was the biweekly assessment today, and Su Qianci got an A. When she was about to go to her locker and change, a man blocked her way. "Su Qianci, it is still early. You want to come to dinner with me? Do you like Western food?"

It was Coach Jin from the studio who taught free boxing. Wearing a tight black T-shirt, he looked rather intimidating. Being too muscular did not necessarily give someone a good look. Su Qianci did not really appreciate a bodybuilding maniac like him.

Su Qianci frowned and wanted to walk past him. "Thank you, I have dinner waiting for me at home."

"Where do you live then? Can I give you a ride?"

"It's all right. I can go back on my own."

"It is not really convenient to take a taxi. I have a car and it would be more convenient if you join me."

"There is really no need. Thank you, Coach Jin."

Coach Jin blocked her way and looked annoyed. "Are you looking down on me? I have asked you out several times now and waited for you every time the class is over. You think I have nothing better to do?"

"I am married."

"I do not believe you. You said that every time, but I've never seen your man picking you up. You think I'm dumb?"

Su Qianci's face became gloomy as she said, "Coach Jin, there is a proverb and I wonder if you have heard of it?"

Coach Jin was pleased by the fact that she was talking to him and quickly asked, "which proverb?"

"Good dogs never get underfoot." She said that aloud.

The onlookers all chuckled hearing her words. Coach Jin became extremely upset and grabbed her arm as she walked past him. "Bitch, who are you calling a dog!"

Su Qianci felt the pain and said, "Whoever responded."

"Dammit, bitch!" Coach Jin bristled, ready to hit her.

Seeing a palm larger than her face approaching, Su Qianci became pale, gritted her teeth, and kicked him in the groin. Coach Jin screamed and crouched with his hands on the crotch. The onlookers did not expect that Su Qianci would react so fiercely and involuntarily clenched their legs.

Su Qianci smiled coldly and said, "You deserve that."

As she was leaving, Coach Jin groaned, "Get her! Slut, you're dead."

Four strong men soon besieged Su Qianci. She could not even get away if she had wings.

"What do you want?" Seeing those people, Su Qianci felt nervous but tried to act calm. "There are cameras everywhere."

Coach Jin slowly stood up with cold sweat on his forehead. Gritting his teeth, he chuckled and said in a low voice, "Just wait and see. Take her away!"

Su Qianci felt scared and quietly reached for something in her pocket. Using her fingerprint to unlock her phone, she blindly tapped where she remembered to be her contacts and dialed a random number…

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