The 99Th Divorce - S01 E74

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Ou Ming said, "You have fallen for her, obviously. However, did you sign that contract?"

"I did."

"You will regret this, I'm telling you," Ou Ming said sympathetically.

"I will not."

"Do you want to do an experiment?"

"What experiment?"

"Miss Qin!" Ou Ming snapped his fingers.

A bimbo quickly came over, with gorgeous makeup on her face. A short body-con dress showed off her gorgeous curves. Li Sicheng looked annoyed as a strong wave of perfume hit his nose.

Ou Ming saw that and commanded, "Send ten girls over to keep Mr. Li company."

Miss Qin was overjoyed. "Right away!"

"What are you trying to prove?"

"Just wait."

Very soon, ten girls were sent over. The aggressive ones were already serving drinks to Ou Ming. Ou Ming sent the best-looking girl among them to Li Sicheng. Smelling the perfume, Li Sicheng felt a bit dizzy. He looked up and saw a beautiful face. Somehow, he was not interested at all. Su Qianci's face was much more pleasant. And her scent… her alluring scent. Seeing that Li Sicheng did not ask her to go, the girl poured Li Sicheng a drink and moved her huge breasts in front of his eyes, calling, "Mr.…"

He suddenly thought of Su Qianci's whimper. Su Qianci's frightened black eyes were haunting him. Realizing that he was thinking about his wife, Li Sicheng's heart sank, feeling disturbed. He moved away from the girl approaching him and cried, "Go away!"

The girl was startled by his reaction, not knowing what she had done wrong, gazing at Li Sicheng.

Ou Ming laughed contentedly and told the girl, "Didn't you hear him?"

Ou Ming was a frequent visitor to the place, so everyone knew him. Hearing his words, the girl quickly left.

"Ha ha, I told you, Li Sicheng. Face the truth!" Taking a sip, Ou Ming smiled at his friend.

Li Sicheng was so gloomy that no one dared to approach him at this point. Taking a deep breath, Li Sicheng walked outside.

"You're leaving?" Ou Ming said. Li Sicheng did not mean to look back, which made Ou Ming feel bored. After he left the club as well, Ou Ming returned to the house he bought for Yu Lili. Failing to find his key, Ou Ming rang the doorbell.

Yu Lili was asleep already. Hearing the doorbell, she quickly went to the door. The moment the door was opened, a tall man was standing in front of her, smelling of alcohol and perfume. Yu Lili frowned, thought he was drunk, and cursed, "Dammit. Ou Ming, you f**ker!"

Ou Ming chuckled, carried her in his arms, and slammed the door, saying, "Then I'll show you how well I can f**k."

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