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Let's Get A Divorce

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Li Sicheng looked at her forced strength and was slightly touched. However, when he saw the paperwork in her hand, his eyes were narrowed.

"What is that?"

Su Qianci noticed his gaze and subconsciously wanted to hide it. However, she quickly paused and felt her palms sweating and her heart racing. She was incredibly nervous. Li Sicheng did not have the best temper. If she told him everything, he would probably lose it. Would he strangle her? However, she needed this document to protect herself. Otherwise, she would be scared to death if the incident today repeated itself.

Thinking again, Su Qianci still presented the contract and said, "I think we need to talk." Glancing at his almost perfect body, she stood up and said, "You put something on first. I will wait for you in the living room."

Before Li Sicheng said anything, Su Qianci had fled. Seeing her running away, Li Sicheng felt a bit amused. With a better mood, he changed into pajamas and walked downstairs. The moment Li Sicheng saw her, he noticed how uneasy she was. She immediately stood up when seeing him.

Li Sicheng's look became softer. Why was this woman so fainthearted? Thinking of the way she had been looking at him since they got married, he felt she was always frightened. Although he had no idea why she would be afraid of him, the fear was a hundred percent real. Such a woman, and he almost believed that she would cheat on him!

Regretting being so rough with her, Li Sicheng said in a gentle voice, "What is it?"

Su Qianci heard his voice and looked at him in a cowardly way. She found that he was in a much better mood than a while ago. Swallowing, she sat down and handed him the pen she had prepared. Li Sicheng looked down at the documents, saw the title, and paused for a second.

Su Qianci immediately noticed that he looked even more dangerous at this point. He was not showing much on his face, but the temperature around him immediately dropped. Almost unable to breathe, Su Qianci stuttered, "I think we are not a great fit."

"So you want a divorce?" Li Sicheng's voice was low, with emotions hidden.

Su Qianci's heart was almost in her throat. Facing his cold eyes, she was so frightened. However, she still nodded and whispered, "I know that you hate me. However, there is no way you can disobey the wish of your grandpa. So, I'd rather wait a year before we have the divorce. At that time, we could just say that I cannot get pregnant and make it look natural. At that time, grandpa would have no reason to blame you."

"You have thought it through?"

Li Sicheng's voice was still low. Su Qianci could not tell what he was thinking. It was as if he was a machine. Su Qianci braced herself to nod and looked up with incredible strength in her eyes. "Yes."

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