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Taken Away by Her Husband

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The window was lowered.

Li Sicheng saw the arrogant man leaning against the back seat immediately. Leaning to one side, Li Sicheng had his hair and clothes slightly messy, which looked oddly suspicious. Li Sicheng slowly turned his head, his eyes sharp and deep like a jaguar. Lu Yihan could see hostility in those eyes, silently threatening. Cold and dangerous.

As he glanced inside, all he could see was the ripped clothes Su Qianci was wearing. Not expecting to see that, Lu Yihan was surprised by the scene. Blushing slightly, he felt relieved. So, she was not a victim of domestic violence. However, at the same time, he felt a bit disappointed. Feeling torn, Lu Yihan asked, "You are Qianqian's husband?"

Qianqian? How intimate!

Li Sicheng frowned. Lu Yihan suddenly felt a chill sent down his spine. This man was as terrifying as people said he was.

"You need something?" Li Sicheng's voice was low, with clear distance.

"We are just classmates. Since we haven't seen each other for a long time, we had dinner together. Please don't get the wrong idea." Lu Yihan then added, "I believe you have means to find out that we have never met before this."

"Lu Yihan, just go back," Su Qianci said from the backseat, her voice hoarse.

However, Lu Yihan's eyesight was completely blocked by Li Sicheng, preventing him from seeing her. For some reason, Lu Yihan felt something was off. However, he could not tell what it was. It seemed that that she did not consent to it? Shocked by his own thought, Lu Yihan frowned and asked, "Qianqian, are you okay?"

"It seems that you are very interested in participating in our intimate session?"

Lu Yihan blushed again, stepped back, and said, "No, I…"

"Your hand."

Li Sicheng glanced at Lu Yihan's hand holding the window, and Lu Yihan quickly retrieved it as if he had been struck by a lightning bolt. The windows were closed again. Watching the black Maybach going away, Li Sicheng suddenly felt an emptiness in his heart. She was gone… Taken away by her husband…

When she returned to Li Sicheng's house, Su Qianci was almost pulled out of the car. Li Sicheng was incredibly strong, but he was trying to be gentle. Her wrist hurt in his grip, Su Qianci had to trot to catch up with him. As they entered the house, Su Qianci was pushed onto the sofa. Li Sicheng threw a phone to her. Su Qianci sat down and looked at the phone full of doubt. She immediately saw her own back and the profile of Lu Yihan in the photo. Whoever took the photo manipulated the end goal to make it look like that they were kissing.

"I did not!" Su Qianci fretted. No wonder he was so angry! This photo was clearly a set-up, but it happened to look incredibly realistic.

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