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Li Sicheng Is Gay?

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Driving his car, Lu Yihan was trying to catch up but failed. However, the Maybach suddenly started to slow down. Lu Yihan quickly sped up and went next to the black car. However, because of the shield, Lu Yihan could see nothing. He was suddenly reminded of Su Qianci's cry and the rumors he had heard. Rumor had it that Li Sicheng did not like women and had a weird temper.

Rumor also had it that Li Sicheng was erratic.

"He never cares what I do." Thinking of Su Qianci's words, Lu Yihan suddenly felt suffocated.

Could it be that Su Qianci's marriage is just a sham? Although Li Sicheng looked tall and handsome, could he actually be gay?

Startled by his own thought, Lu Yihan felt sorry for Su Qianci. He immediately drove up and blocked the Maybach's way.

Struggling and fighting back, Su Qianci still could not get rid of the man on top of her. Li Sicheng's movements became rougher as anger swallowed him. Su Qianci suddenly burst into tears when her clothes were ripped apart. She had never seen Li Sicheng like this before. In her previous lifetime, she had been kicked out of the car, questioned because of Tang Mengying's words, and even used and then thrown away to put on a show for grandpa.

However, this was the first time that Li Sicheng had treated her this way. Why? Did he believe Tang Mengqing's theory that she was cheating on her and try to make sure? Tasting Su Qianci's tears, Li Sicheng was even more convinced that Su Qianci was cheating on him. Before the wedding night, she had played dumb. On the wedding night, she was inviting and horny. However, after that, she had treated him like a monster.

He should have thought of it a long time ago. Although she gave him her virginity, her heart belonged to another man. All Li Sicheng could think about right now was to destroy her!

"Are you afraid?"

Li Sicheng paused, looking down at the shivering woman.


Su Qianci answered silently but could not make a sound. Her eyes were full of fear, vulnerable and sad. His eyes were glittering as lust took over. Su Qianci's heart was racing as she squeezed his sleeves harder. When she thought he was about to do something, the car suddenly stopped. Li Sicheng fell forward immediately, pushing against Su Qianci's body.

Feeling the sudden pressure, Su Qianci let out a cry. As insane as Li Sicheng was, there had been distance between the two of them. However, with the brake, they were pushed together. The two burning bodies were entangled. Feeling the softness under him, Li Sicheng gritted his teeth, his face twisted.

Su Qianci clearly felt that he was holding something back.

However, what is it? Is he trying to resist the temptation to hit her?

Su Qianci was even more scared, her heart shivering.

Bang bang bang!

Their window was knocked on loudly…

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