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Im Dying

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Su Qianci took a taxi to her high school and arrived at around 7 o'clock. Paying for the taxi, Su Qianci saw a red Renault parking near her. A young man was leaning against the car. He was about twenty years old, wearing a pair of rimless glasses. His skin was fair, and nose was straight. The moment he saw her, he smiled brilliantly. "Hello, Qianqian!'

Wearing a casual outfit, Lu Yihan was very much a ray of sunshine.

"It hasn't been that long. How come you have become so pretty? I am so blown away!" Lu Yihan exclaimed extravagantly, covering his eyes, "Your beauty has blinded me. Don't get too close."

Su Qianci chuckled. "You have not changed a bit."

Lu Yihan laughed, measuring her height with one hand. "You have not become taller, little girl."

"You know I am a girl after all…"

"That's true, but 5 feet is still too short."

Su Qianci threw a punch at him madly and yelled like old times, "I am 5'4"!"

Lu Yihan pretended to be injured and stepped back. "I'm dying… It hurts so bad…"

"Get lost!"

As they fought, they sat down at the barbecue stand. This barbecue stand had a long history and was renowned for the flavor of its dish. After ordering a bunch of stuff, Su Qianci ordered several beers and started to chat with Lu Yihan. Since they hadn't seen each other for a long while, the two were very engaged in their conversation, not noticing that there were a pair of eyes staring at them since they entered the barbecue stand.

Kingstown First High School was one of the best high schools in the city. Many students from other towns also studied there, which was why it was normal that many students spent their weekend at school. At a corner of the barbecue stand, two girls around seventeen years old had noticed them the moment they came in.

The second Tang Mengqing saw Su Qianci, she paused and quickly told Li Weiya opposite her, "Look, isn't that your cousin's wife? Who is that man?"

Li Weiya turned her head and saw Su Qianci immediately.

"It really is her."

However, how come Su Qianci would appear at this place?

When Li Weiya was about to say hi to Su Qianci, Tang Mengqing stopped her. "Don't go. It has just been a few days since your cousin married her, and she is already dating a guy in public. It seems that my sister is right. This woman is quite a slut!"

Li Weiya did not like Tang Mengqing's words, but still sat down.

Tang Mengqing said, "Send a picture to your cousin immediately and show him the woman's true color."

Li Weiya nodded and took a close-up photo of Su Qianci and Lu Yihan. Then, she found Li Sicheng in her WeChat contacts and sent him the photo.

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