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Strength of a Sovereign

In the depths of the forest, Zhao Feng looked directly at Elder Assassination as a smile appeared on his lips.

Elder Assassination was covered in darkness and seemed like a shadow.

“You’re really Division Leader Yougu? Back then, didn’t you…?”

Joy appeared on Elder Assassination’s face.

Zhao Feng laughed, “If even you can live to now, how could I have died?”

Hearing that, the black-robed figure that was holding Zhao Feng hostage started to tremble uneasily.

She never would have thought that this youth that wasn’t even twenty years old was one of the Twelve Division Leaders.

In the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, every Division Leader was extremely powerful. At their peak, one division was enough to fight one of the Ten Great Forces.

The status of a Division Leader was about the same as an Elder.

“Division Leader, how did you become like this?”

Puzzlement appeared in Elder Assassination’s eyes. He was still suspicious.


Zhao Feng swiped his hand and a cold skeleton with red flames for eyes appeared.

“My old bones can’t take it anymore. Controlling an Overwhelming Prodigy isn’t a bad choice.”

Zhao Feng spoke.

The skeletal Division Leader behind him seemed to be dazed and didn’t speak.

There was a connection between him and the skeletal Division Leader through the Dark Heart Seed, and it seemed as if the skeletal Division Leader was controlling this Overwhelming Prodigy.

“So that’s how it is.”

The suspicion in Elder Assassination’s heart went away.

It wasn’t hard for Elder Assassination to see that there was a connection between Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader.

However, Elder Assassination would never have imagined that Zhao Feng was the one controlling the Division Leader.

“Division Leader Yougu, your mastery in mental energy was said to be one of the best in the continent. How come you haven’t obtained full control over this brat’s body yet?”

Elder Assassination teased.

From his perspective, the skeletal Division Leader’s mastery in the Dao of the Soul had reached a high level, so it shouldn’t be very hard for it to take full control.

“Hmph, easier said than done. This brat’s an Overwhelming Prodigy that’s surpassed dozens of generations and just defeated the successor of the Golden Sun family not long ago.”

Zhao Feng harrumphed and said in the skeletal Division Leader’s tone.

After that, Zhao Feng started to speak from the skeletal Division Leader’s perspective as he told the performance of “this brat.”

Elder Assassination and the black-robed woman looked at Zhao Feng in surprise. They finally realized that this blue-haired youth’s history wasn’t simple.

His eye-bloodline had defeated the successor of the Golden Sun family and taken the title of the strongest eye-bloodline.

“This youth’s talent is incredible. Even the successor of the Golden Sun family was defeated by him.”

Elder Assassination was slightly envious that the skeletal Division Leader had obtained such a perfect body.

Zhao Feng was someone who’s bloodline and talent were top-tier, and he could have even surpassed the Scarlet Moon Patriarch and Sword Saint Ye Wuxie back in their time.

“You can probably sense how strong this brat’s mental energy is. I’ve only awakened for a year or two and I’m extremely weak. I’m already very lucky that I managed to enslave him.”

Zhao Feng sighed.

Elder Assassination nodded his head after hearing this and had no more questions.

Although Zhao Feng’s source of mental energy was concealed, Elder Assassination could still faintly sense it.


With a wave of his hand, Zhao Feng put the skeletal Division Leader away, “The body I originally had is extremely weak and I want to take over this brat’s body after I recover.”

Elder Assassination and the woman had no more suspicions. They now thought of Zhao Feng as the skeletal Division Leader.

“Division Leader, what’s the connection between you and those two approaching people?”

The woman in black asked.

At the same time, she glanced warily at the two figures flying over.

“This brat defeated the strongest successor of the Golden Sun family and took away the title of the strongest eye-bloodline in the continent, bringing this misfortune upon himself….”

Zhao Feng spat.

“Hmph, it’s been several hundred years and yet the Golden Sun family is still as shameless and disgusting as ever.”

Elder Assassination harrumphed coldly.

Right at that moment.

Sou! Sou!

The Head of the Golden Sun family and the grass-hat elder had arrived at the forest and looked down from above.

“Watch out for an ambush. This brat has the secret techniques of the three major eye-bloodlines….”

The grass-hat elder warned.

The Head of the Golden Sun family didn’t dare to underestimate him as the third eye on his forehead carefully scanned around.

Soon, the Head of the Golden Sun family found Zhao Feng and a woman in black.

The cultivation of the woman had reached the peak True Lord Rank, which surprised him.

“En, a measly peak True Lord Rank is nothing. Under normal situations, I can kill her instantly with my eye-bloodline.”

The Sacred Eye bloodline of the Golden Sun family Head scanned over the forest, but he didn’t find any other traces.

The grass-hat elder also spread his spiritual senses and nodded his head.


The Head of the Golden Sun family and the grass-hat elder turned into two streaks of light as they sped toward Zhao Feng and the woman in black.

“How dare you be so disrespectful toward the Division Leader?”

The woman in black said coldly. She turned into a bunch of after-images as she sped toward the two newcomers.

What a weird skill!

Zhao Feng’s heart moved. The speed of the woman in black was almost as great as his Wings of Wind and Lightning.

Her figure seemed to merge into the world of darkness.

“Misty Shadow Kill!”

Ripples of blades flew through the air, aimed at the Head of Golden Sun family and the grass-hat elder.

“Watch out, she specializes in the Dao of Assassination.”

The grass-hat elder warned. Even he became wary despite his half-step Origin Core Realm cultivation.


The Golden Sun family Head’s leg was hit. If his reaction was a bit slower, it wouldn’t have been just a small injury.

In this short instant, both the Head of the Golden Sun family and the grass-hat elder were caught off guard.

It wasn’t as if the two had forgotten about her, they were just focused on Zhao Feng, who was just watching the black-robed woman.

“Three Eyed Divine Light – Forbidden Spatial Illusion!”

The Head of the Golden Sun family exclaimed as his third eye sent out a beaming light.

Shu Shu Shu!

Everything that was touched by the light turn to dust.


The woman in black was revealed and her speed was dramatically decreased, as if she was passing through mud.

“Not good, the Three Eyed Divine Light of the Golden Sun family!”

The expression of the woman changed dramatically. A mist emanated from her figure that clashed with the Forbidden Spatial Illusion.

However, being the former strongest eye-bloodline in the continent, how could it be broken so easily?


The woman’s body seemed to freeze and the mist around her was starting to fade.

“What a profound eye-bloodline. This is the Head of the Golden Sun family? His use of the Three Eyed Divine Light has reached an unfathomable level. If I had fought with him earlier, the result would be uncertain….”

Zhao Feng was shocked.

In terms of purity, the Head of the Golden Sun family wasn’t as good as the Three Eyed Saint.

However, in terms of how they utilized their bloodline, the Head of the Golden Sun family easily surpassed his son.

Even a normal half-step Origin Core Realm expert might not be his match.

Even though the woman in black was even stronger than Tiemo, she was completely suppressed.

“Dao of Assassination. It’s your misfortune to meet the Sacred Eye of the Golden Sun family.”

The third eye sent a stronger beam of light that broke through her defense, and she gritted her teeth unwillingly.

Although she was strong, she was countered by the opponent’s eye-bloodline.


Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye opened, and his body was surrounded by a ring of lightning as he prepared to save the woman in black.

“Zhao Feng, your opponent is me.”

An old voice sounded from the air.

Zhao Feng suddenly felt an overwhelming pressure from the sky.

Silver Saint Demon Suppressing Technique!

A pair of silver palms descended from the sky, causing the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within several hundred miles to be drawn in.

“Half-step Origin Core Realm? Or is it a Sovereign?”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. He was covered by an overpowering force that would make normal True Lord Ranks unable to move.

Furthermore, two silver moons appeared in the grass-hat elder’s eyes, and they clashed with Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye.

He also had an eye-bloodline.

“Even Lu Tianyi in the Purple Saint Ruins wasn’t this strong.”

Zhao Feng’s expression became solemn.

At this moment in time, his Source of True Spirit, his bloodline, and the God’s Spiritual Eye were circulated to the maximum.

If he didn’t dedicate all of his attention and didn’t use the Ice Imperial Spear, he might not be the grass-hat elder’s match.

At the same instant.

“Save me!”

The black-robed woman’s defense was about to be shattered.

“No need to panic. It’s just two little insects….”

A mysterious and ancient voice seemed to come from the darkness.


A figure seemed to descend from the skies, and darkness devoured the forest.


The bodies of both the grass-hat elder and the Golden Sun family Head froze.

In the blink of an eye, it became pitch-black, and a large figure wearing a crown had appeared on top of them.

This existence seemed to be the lord of darkness.

“Sov-… Sovereign!!”

The grass-hat elder felt the terrifying aura from the crowned figure and panicked.

Shu! Shu!

Within the world of darkness, two blades instantly passed through the bodies of the two people from the Golden Sun family and blood splattered everywhere.

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