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Elder Assassination

With the end of the clash between the two strongest eye-bloodlines in the continent, the Tea Party came to an end.

Goddess Bing Wei and the Three Eyed Saint were both injured.

At the Tea Party arena, the spectators and the True Dragon geniuses started to leave.

Among them, the first to leave was the Lord Prodigy Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng’s goodbye was extremely hurried, as if there was some emergency. Before anyone even got to know the situation, Zhao Feng had already left.

“What’s with Zhao Feng? Why’s he leaving so suddenly?”

Prince Jin and company from the Canopy Great Country were puzzled.

Mo Tianyi, Cang Yuyue, Shi Chengtian, and company who knew Zhao Feng didn’t even get to say goodbye to him.

Many True Dragon geniuses had been waiting to congratulate Zhao Feng, but he already turned into an arc of lightning and disappeared.

“Jiang Sanfeng, does Zhao Feng have an emergency? Why did he leave so quickly?”

Mo Tianyi, Shi Chengtian, and company asked.

Their gazes all turned toward Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye of the Iron Blood Religion.

No one knew Zhao Feng’s intent in leaving so quickly.

Right as the two from the Iron Blood Religion were pondering, a voice sounded in their minds, “Go back with Mo Tianyi and the rest. I have an issue I need to take care of first.”

At the same time, a similar voice sounded in Mo Tianyi, Shi Chengtian, and everyone else’s minds.

“It’s Zhao Feng!”

“Looks like he does have an emergency and has left already.”

Everyone looked at each other with disappointment.

Zhao Feng had already crushed the other three Overwhelming Prodigies, and now he had even defeated the Three Eyed Saint, the winner of two Sacred True Dragon Gatherings.

At the same time, the title and glory of the continent’s strongest eye-bloodline changed because of him.

Zhao Feng’s future was immeasurable. As long as he didn’t die early, he would definitely become someone who controlled the fate of the continent.

Everyone wanted to interact with such a genius while they were still young.

On the faraway mountain, the Head of the Golden Sun family and the grass-hat elder had wariness, shock, and fear on their faces.

The Head of the Golden Sun family even had killing intent in his eyes.

“If we go after him, we have a 60-70% chance of killing him.”

The grass-hat elder turned and glanced toward the Head of the Golden Sun family.

“Only 60-70%?”

The Head of the Golden Sun family couldn’t believe it. He was a peak True Lord Rank and was almost unparalleled against those under the Origin Core Realm with his Sacred Eye bloodline.

Although the grass-hat elder wasn’t a Sovereign, he was already half a step away a hundred years ago. By now, he was much stronger than other half-step Origin Core Realm experts.

If these two teamed up, they could fight two or three half-step Origin Core Realm experts.

“That brat specializes in speed and he’s learned the three eye-bloodline techniques. Once we fail to kill him, the Golden Sun family won’t be able to handle the aftermath.”

The grass-hat elder said.

Hearing this, the expression of the Golden Sun family Head changed.

There was a certain amount of risk involved in trying to kill Zhao Feng. If they failed, the result would be unthinkable.

Being a Lord Prodigy, Zhao Feng was very likely to reach and even surpass the level of Sword Saint Ye Wuxie, the Three Eyed Heavenly Emperor, and company.

“May I know your thoughts?”

The Head of the Golden Sun family took a deep breath. He didn’t know what to do.

The risk was just too large.

Of course, they hadn’t even received news of the Iron Blood Religion Patriarch awakening. If they were to know that Zhao Feng had a Sovereign behind him, they wouldn’t dare to consider killing him even if they had a hundred guts.

“The greater the risk, the greater the reward. It’s just a matter of whether it’s worth it or not. You are the Head of the Golden Sun family. You can decide.”

The grass-hat elder smiled with deep meaning.

Hearing this, the Head of the Golden Sun family seemed to understand something and started to think.

Suddenly, a sharp light shot out from his eyes.

“You’ve made a decision?”

The grass-hat elder smiled and asked.

The Head of the Golden Sun family took a deep breath, “Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline is heaven-defying and its potential is immeasurable. He’s younger than twenty years old and has already reached this level. If we’re able to use the Eye Stealing Forbidden technique and take his eye, the future ruler of this continent may be the Golden Sun family.”

“Great! This is what the Head of a family should be.”

The grass-hat elder nodded in praise, “The Eye Stealing Forbidden technique is incomplete and the rate of success is less than five percent, but this small chance may change the fate of the Golden Sun family.”

At this point in time, the Head of the Golden Sun family and the grass-hat elder were thinking along the same line.

Those destined to make it big needed decisiveness.

“Follow him!”

The Head of the Golden Sun family and the grass-hat elder turned into streaks of gold and silver as they shot into the clouds.

“Sacred Eye Inspection!”

The third eye of the Golden Sun family Head opened, allowing him to see everything within two hundred miles.

Even if Zhao Feng ran ten times further than that, the Sacred Eye bloodline could still track him.

It was because of this that the two were slowly pursuing forward without going full speed right away.

“He hasn’t gone far; he’s only a hundred miles away.”

The Sacred Eye bloodline of the Golden Sun family Head confirmed Zhao Feng’s location.

The cultivations of these two were high, so they slowly increased their speed as they headed toward where Zhao Feng was at.

As the two got closer to Zhao Feng.


Wings of Wind and Lightning suddenly extended from Zhao Feng’s back, resonating with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Zhao Feng’s speed instantly doubled as thunder boomed wherever he went.

“Not good, he sensed me! What a terrifying bloodline!”

“Don’t let him run away.”

The Head of the Golden Sun family and the grass-hat elder’s expressions changed as they raised their speed.

However, with the Wings of Wind and Lightning, Zhao Feng’s speed was much faster than theirs.

They tried their best, but instead of catching up, the distance between them only dragged out further.

“Don’t panic. This technique shouldn’t be able to last very long. We’ve cultivated for over a hundred years and our Yuan Qi is denser than his.”

The grass-hat elder smiled confidently.


The Head of the Golden Sun family nodded his head.

In terms of stamina, they believed they surpassed Zhao Feng. On top of that, the Sacred Eye bloodline could still track Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng flew very quickly. He instantly surged two hundred miles ahead.

At this moment in time, a dark forest appeared in sight, only a few dozen miles away.

“Skeletal Division Leader.”

Zhao Feng spoke as he slowed down; he seemed to be exhausted.

“You sure you want to do this?”

The skeletal Division Leader was solemn.

Zhao Feng didn’t answer. He landed on the ground and casually walked into the depths of the forest.

In the forest.

Shua! Shua!

Two blurry figures appeared on a large tree. One was a black-robed woman while the other was a figure wearing a crown.

The air around the crown-wearing figure seemed to twist with darkness.

“Elder, that brat’s heading toward us.”

The female in black said.

“En… the Scarlet Moon Division Leader Token is coming closer.”

The Elder turned toward the direction of the token.

Ta! Ta! Ta! Ta!

Steady footsteps were coming closer. It wasn’t hard to see that the owner of the footsteps was coming with a specific target in mind.

A weird light flashed through the Elder’s eyes.

“Elder, should I capture him?”

A cold intent was released from the woman in black.

The Elder didn’t speak.

Ta! Ta! Ta! Ta!

The owner of the footsteps came into view. It was a blue-haired youth walking confidently.

The killing intent from the black-robed woman was enough to make anyone under the Origin Core Realm feel threatened, but it seemed to have no effect on this youth.

“Brat, you just walked into a net. Give up. There’s an Elder of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion here.”

The woman in black transformed into several figures.


With a flash, a cold ripple of air surrounded the blue-haired youth’s neck.

The blue-haired youth’s footsteps stopped. If he moved the slightest bit, his head would fall onto the ground.

Zhao Feng’s entire body was enveloped in the air of death and he couldn’t help but sigh. This person seemed like a mere slave and she already had strength comparable to Lu Tianyi.

“Blue-haired brat, why do you have the aura of a Division Leader on you? Kneel down to the Elder of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.”

The woman in black appeared behind Zhao Feng like a ghost.

Zhao Feng’s expression still didn’t change. When he heard “Elder of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion,” he was shocked, but he concealed it as best as he could.

“Elder Assassination, we haven’t seen each other for several hundred years. I hope you’re well.”

Zhao Feng didn’t bother with the black-robed woman, he just glanced at the Elder shrouded in darkness on the tree.

“How do you know the Elder’s title?”

The woman in black was surprised while the figure wearing the crown was slightly surprised, “You are…?”

The two were both surprised. This blue-haired youth recognized him straight away?

Was this youth also from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion? Or was he a disciple of the Demonic Religion?

But if he was the descendant of a disciple, then he shouldn’t have seen this Elder from several hundred years ago.

“Zhe zhe, Elder Assassination, who was the one who recommended you to the Patriarch back then? Three hundred years ago, who was the one who helped you when you and Protector Iron Bones were being pursued by Sword Saint Ye Wuxie?”

Zhao Feng licked his lips and said in one smooth sentence.


The black-robed woman, who was holding Zhao Feng hostage, exclaimed.

From his tone, it seemed as if this youth in front of her had a big history and was extremely familiar with Elder Assassination and was even at the same level as him.

“You’re… Division Leader Yougu!”

Elder Assassination’s body trembled as overwhelming joy appeared in his eyes.

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