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One Step Away


The two Divine Lights of Destructions clashed.

Zhao Feng’s Divine Light was a sharp cold blue light that came down from the sky, whereas the Three Eyed Saint’s Divine Light was a hurried scorching light that could disintegrate everything in its path, including the soul.

Sparks flew everywhere the instant the two lights met, but instead of wearing each other out, they passed each other after expending just a bit of their energy.

This scene was unexpected by everyone, including the Three Eyed Saint himself.

Qiu! Qiu!

The two Divine Lights of Destruction passed right through one another.

The difference between them was that Zhao Feng’s Divine Light of Destruction was a purely physical attack while the Three Eyed Saint’s was both a physical and a mental energy attack.

On the peak of the faraway mountain.

“No, his Divine Light of Destruction isn’t complete; it only contains the power to disintegrate physical attacks!”

The Head of the Golden Sun family exclaimed.

The complete Divine Light of Destruction could disperse both physical and mental energy attacks. However, maybe because Zhao Feng didn’t spend very much time, his version only had the ability to affect the physical dimension.

This meant that Zhao Feng’s Divine Light of Destruction dispersed the Three Eyed Saint’s physical aspect from his own Divine Light of Destruction but had no effect in blocking the mental energy attack.

However, at the same time, it allowed Zhao Feng’s physical-based Divine Light of Destruction to possess overwhelming power.

Thus came the strange scene of the two lights passing right by each other.

“Hahaha… Zhao Feng, you wanted to learn my Divine Light of Destruction, but you only learned one half of it.”

The Three Eyed Saint was overjoyed.

Zhao Feng only managed to copy half of the Divine Light of Destruction’s intent.

The reason why the Sacred Eye bloodline of the Golden Sun family could counter most eye-bloodlines in the continent was because it specialized in both the physical and the mental dimensions, which meant that its attacks could counter most average secret techniques.

“One half is still enough to defeat you.”

Zhao Feng said faintly.

As soon as he finished saying that, the two Divine Lights of Destruction struck their respective targets.

“Not good, doesn’t this mean both sides will be injured!?”

Some of the spectators exclaimed.

The expressions of the grass-hat elder and the Head of the Golden Sun family froze.

“A draw isn’t too bad of a result.”

The grass-hat elder said as he stroked his beard.

Everyone saw a faint cold blue light strike the Three Eyed Saint. The Three Eyed Saint’s figure shook as he circulated his Qi of True Spirit, forming a golden shield in order to block the cold blue light.

On the other side, Zhao Feng stood unmoving and did nothing, letting the scorching light pass through his body.

Within the dimension of his left eye, a mysterious whirlpool appeared at the center of the lake that let the scorching light do whatever it wanted.

It was like a chainsaw trying to saw through water.

“How… how is this possible!?”

The Three Eyed Saint felt his Divine Light of Destruction enter a deep lake. Zhao Feng completely ignored his Divine Light of Destruction.

“So that’s how it is.”

The ghost-eyed man and Tuoba Qi looked at each other and understood.

Zhao Feng’s Divine Light of Destruction completely focused on the physical world; therefore, its power was greater in terms of physical attacks.

That meant that the physical component of the Three Eyed Saint’s attack was completely dispersed, leaving behind only the mental energy attack.

However, Zhao Feng completely ignored the mental energy attack. Such was the biggest advantage of his God’s Spiritual Eye, but his opponent didn’t have the corresponding ability to ignore physical attacks.


The Three Eyed Saint harrumphed as the remaining 30-40% power from Zhao Feng’s Divine Light of Destruction was taken by him head-on.

He needed to control his Divine Light of Destruction in addition to circulating his Qi of True Spirit for defense, whereas Zhao Feng only needed to focus on one of those.

The difference in energy expenditure was huge.

The cold blue light started to cut and disintegrate the Three Eyed Saint’s body.

In just two or three breaths’ time, the Three Eyed Saint started screaming as small cuts appeared all over his body.

“I told you that I would be able to beat you with just half of the Divine Light of Destruction.”

A smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

Indeed, he hadn’t fully comprehended the Divine Light of Destruction yet, particularly because the mental energy component was much more complex.

However, Zhao Feng didn’t need it.

One had to know that the Three Eyed Saint possessed three or four soul-defending items that were made specifically to counter Zhao Feng.

If Zhao Feng’s attack contained a mental energy component, wouldn’t that be a waste of his energy?

Therefore, Zhao Feng decided to focus on the physical aspect in order to attack the Three Eyed Saint’s weakness.


A more powerful surge of eye-bloodline power was released from Zhao Feng’s left eye. He was finally using his true strength.


The ice-blue light became colder and sharper.


The Three Eyed Saint howled as his body was covered in bloody gashes.


The Three Eyed Saint’s body went flying and he landed in a pool of blood.

Zhao Feng remained in the sky looking down, but he didn’t continue attacking.

At the same instant, the Tea Party was dead-silent. After that came the sound of cold breaths being drawn in.

The ghost-eyed man and Tuoba Qi looked at each other.

Not only was the Three Eyed Saint defeated, he was humiliated. He didn’t lose to the opponent’s eye-bloodline technique, he lost to his own Divine Light of Destruction.

This made the others remember what Zhao Feng said earlier, “I’m here to learn with a humble heart and to challenge the number one eye-bloodline family.”

On the faraway mountain.

Humble learning?

The grass-hat elder’s face twitched, “This Zhao Feng hid himself pretty deeply. He had the strength to win easily but acted ‘humbly’ to challenge Sheng’er.”

“I already gave my eye-bloodline power to Sheng’er… but we were foiled at the last step!”

The Head of the Golden Sun family roared unwillingly.

According to the plan, with him supporting the Three Eyed Saint, the difference between his son’s eye-bloodline strength and Zhao Feng’s wouldn’t be as obvious, so the chance of coming to a draw would be quite big.

“Who can you blame? This last step was decided by intelligence, not strength.”

The grass-hat elder sighed.

Hearing that, the Head of the Golden Sun family became silent and his heart became solemn.

Zhao Feng controlled the situation clearly.

Firstly, he purposefully hadn’t fully comprehended the Divine Light of Destruction, only using half of its contents so it would be easier to control.

After all, with the element of wind, the Divine Light of Destruction would be sharper; it was different from the element of light or fire.

Zhao Feng copied the theory of the Divine Light of Destruction and used it with his own God’s Spiritual Eye.

Secondly, the four soul-protecting items the Three Eyed Saint had on him increased the defense of his soul, but at the cost of his physical defense.


After a momentary silence, the Tea Party exploded into discussion.

There were too many factors involved in the battle between Zhao Feng and the Three Eyed Saint.

Only a very small number of people were able to sense the Head of the Golden Sun family behind.

The topic of “humble learning” was discussed amongst the people, and they finally understood Zhao Feng’s intentions in challenging the continent’s strongest eye-bloodline.

“Doesn’t this mean that Zhao Feng’s learned the secret techniques of all three major eye-bloodline families…!?”

Someone exclaimed. The crowd instantly started to talk when this was said. They all took a deep breath as they glanced at the blue-haired figure in the sky.

On top of the faraway mountain.

“All three major eye-bloodline techniques have been copied by him. Is that his true eye-bloodline ability?”

The hearts of the Golden Sun family Head and the grass-hat elder shook.

If Zhao Feng could copy the theory behind other eye-bloodlines, didn’t that mean that, as long as there was no special restriction and his cultivation was high enough, there would be nothing that Zhao Feng couldn’t copy?

It could be imagined that the story of Zhao Feng “learning humbly” would be told across the entire continent.

“Your eye-bloodline is unheard of. After this battle, not many people will be willing to fight you.”

The skeletal Division Leader’s voice sounded through the Dark Heart Seed.

Zhao Feng felt uneasy due to the weird gazes coming from everyone below.

“It was my honor to spar with the successor of the Golden Sun family. I thank you for your pointers.”

Zhao Feng bowed humbly and then told the others goodbye.

His aim had been completed, so there was no more meaning to him staying behind.

In this battle, Zhao Feng took the title of the continent’s strongest eye-bloodline from the Golden Sun family, along with their secret technique.


The Three Eyed Saint, who finally managed to sit up, spat out a mouthful of blood after hearing this.

“Fucking brat!”

The Head of the Golden Sun family was as angry as thunder and his voice seemed to travel all the way to the area of the Tea Party.


The True Dragon geniuses seemed to hear something and turn toward a certain direction.

“Bastard, do you want to lose all the Golden Sun family’s face?”

Black lines appeared on the grass-hat elder’s face as he pushed the Head of the Golden Sun family onto the ground.

If the Three Eyed Saint lost, all they lost was the glory of being the continent’s strongest eye-bloodline.

Although they weren’t first anymore, second wasn’t so bad either.

But if the world was to know that the Golden Sun family cheated and still lost, what face would they still have in the continent?

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