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Humble Learning


The Three Eyed Saint’s back was cut open by a blade of wind and blood splattered everywhere.

The sharpness and speed exceeded the limits of the True Lord Rank.

“Why is that move so similar to the Heavenly Piercing Eye?”

The True Dragon geniuses all felt like they had seen that move before.

Tuoba Qi was standing up in shock and puzzlement.

At this moment in time, Tuoba Qi’s Heavenly Piercing Eye secret technique had been copied by Zhao Feng, and its power far surpassed the original Heavenly Piercing Eye.

“That’s right, this kind of copying ability…”

The ghost-eyed man’s heart jumped. Back at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, Zhao Feng copied the ghost-eyed man’s Ghost Eye Flame and created his own Lightning Fire God’s Eye, which was now known as the Wind Lightning Eye Flame.

Now, that method of copying appeared once more from Zhao Feng. The ghost-eyed man refused to believe that Zhao Feng could have comprehended some Azure Eye Sharp Slice that just so happened to be extremely similar to the Heavenly Piercing Eye.

The only difference between the two techniques was their element.

The Azure Eye Sharp Slice was wind-based while the Heavenly Piercing Eye was metal-based, but they both specialized in penetration and sharpness.

“He… when did he learn my Heavenly Piercing Eye technique?”

Tuoba Qi was stunned, but right now wasn’t the best time for that question; the battle between Zhao Feng and the Three Eyed Saint continued.

Zhao Feng had the upper hand now, and that was due to his Heavenly Piercing Eye imitation.

Tuoba Qi’s heart was bitter. Not only did he lose to Zhao Feng, his own technique was apparently more powerful in Zhao Feng’s hands.

“Heavenly Piercing Eye? He learned the secret technique of the Tuoba family?”

The Three Eyed Saint suppressed the pain from his back.

In the past, the only major eye-bloodline technique he was wary of was the Heavenly Piercing Eye because it was too fast.

Currently, Zhao Feng’s existence had become a nightmare.

In reality, he already lost a while ago. If it weren’t for his father transferring power to him, the Three Eyed Saint couldn’t have lasted this long.

On the faraway mountain.

“This brat has the specialties of both the Wu and the Tuoba family, and he has his own Eye of Illusion and his Eye of Ice….”

The Head of the Golden Sun family took a deep breath.

Zhao Feng’s eye could adapt to every situation, and with the strength of his soul, his advantage was even bigger.

In this situation, all the Golden Sun family Head could do was support his son by transferring his power.

“Unfortunately, there will be energy-loss due to the distance.”

The grass-hat elder sighed.

The Three Eyed Saint could only absorb about sixty percent of the energy that the Head of the Golden Sun family sent.

However, even then, that allowed the Three Eyed Saint’s eye-bloodline power to almost double.

But victory wouldn’t be decided by just eye-bloodline strength anymore.

“Three Eyed Divine Light!”

A bright scorching beam of light once again locked on to Zhao Feng.


The Wings of Wind and Lightning behind Zhao Feng flapped once more as he dodged the Three Eyed Saint’s attack.

Azure Eye Sharp Slice!

Wind Lightning Eye Flame!

Zhao Feng flew in the air and forced the Three Eyed Saint to scramble.

The Three Eyed Saint managed to block the Azure Eye Sharp Slice, but he didn’t have enough time to fully disperse the Wind Lightning Eye Flame.

His clothes were torn, but he counterattacked, not caring about his injuries.

“Three Eyed Divine Light – Dazzling Solar Sky Stars!”

The third eye was like a volcano that erupted thousands of chaotic and destructive beams of light.


The earth shook and dust was blown into the air.

The thousands of light-beams were like meteors as they slammed into the ground, creating room-sized craters.

These thousands of lights that descended from the sky were a disaster, and such a powerful move was used against only one person.

Even someone at the half-step Origin Core Realm would retreat against such a move, not wanting to clash against it head-on.

“Dazzling Solar Sky Stars! It’s that move!?”

“Sheng’er, you’ve gone crazy! Before reaching the half-step Origin Core Realm, using that move will injure your Sacred Eye bloodline.”

The expression of the Golden Sun family Head changed drastically and he sighed deeply.

The more powerful the eye-bloodline technique, the more burden it placed on the eye-bloodline.

For example, Zhao Feng’s Wind Lightning Eye Flame wasn’t suitable to be used more than three times consecutively, and this was Zhao Feng, who had quite a powerful eye-bloodline.

The Three Eyed Saint only barely managed to even use the Dazzling Solar Sky Stars with the support of his father, but it could already destroy the Broken Moon Clan instantly.

Boom! Boom!

The entire area where the Tea Party was held shook like an avalanche.

The spectators started to panic. They felt like an ant in front of this rain of golden streaks.

Luckily, this attack was only locked on to a half-mile radius around Zhao Feng, otherwise over half of the spectators would have been injured or killed.

“What a powerful wide-range attack.”

Facing this attack, Zhao Feng’s Wings of Wind and Lightning quickly flapped as he sped out of the area.


A blue ripple surrounded Zhao Feng, and the occasionally streak of light that scraped by him would be slowed down.

A sudden faint purple aura radiated from the Wings of Wind and Lightning, making Zhao Feng’s speed surge to an entirely new level.

The faint purple aura was from the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet, and even a mere wisp allowed drastic changes.


In just a blink of an eye, Zhao Feng was now close to the clouds, so the Dazzling Solar Sky Stars didn’t threaten Zhao Feng much anymore.

On the other hand, it was the spectators on the ground that screamed from this devastating attack.

“Extreme speed…. Looks like it’ll be very hard for Sheng’er to win.”

The grass-hat elder sighed.

If Zhao Feng could dodge a normal Three Eyed Divine Light, that was okay.

However, if Zhao Feng could even dodge a wide-range attack like the Dazzling Solar Sky Stars, then they were helpless.

Of course, the grass-hat elder could see that Zhao Feng could easily dodge the move because of his predictions and sharp senses.

When the Three Eyed Saint was getting ready to use the skill, Zhao Feng made preparations of his own.

Facing such a terrifying opponent whose senses were so strong along with utmost speed, the chances of the Three Eyed Saint winning were extremely small.

“Even if he can’t win, all Sheng’er needs to do is use his Divine Light of Destruction to defend and, with my support, it’s possible for him to not lose.”

The Head of the Golden Sun family gritted his teeth unwillingly.

He immediately conveyed his tactic to the Three Eyed Saint through their eye-bloodline connection.

“Looks like that’s all I can do. I must hold on to the title of the strongest eye-bloodline in the continent.”

The Three Eyed Saint’s heart fell. It wasn’t important if he lost or not, but he was the Golden Sun family’s top genius and his Sacred Eye bloodline’s purity was only below the Three Eyed Heavenly Emperor’s.

If he lost, then the title of the strongest eye-bloodline would probably change hands.

Unknowingly, the Head of the Golden Sun family’s expectations for the Three Eyed Saint were lowering.

In the beginning, they wanted to defeat Zhao Feng no matter what.

Now, the best they could do was not lose.

“Zhao Feng, the battle between us represents our eye-bloodlines. What’s the meaning if all you do is evade?”

The Three Eyed Saint took a deep breath as he glanced at the blue-haired youth in the sky.

Up till now, Zhao Feng was unharmed even after the Dazzling Solar Sky Stars attack.

In terms of speed and offense, he had reached the limit of the True Lord Rank.

“Good, good!”

Zhao Feng smiled and said.


His figure flashed downward as his left eye turned azure.


A sharp glint appeared in Zhao Feng’s left eye.


Tuoba Qi and the ghost-eyed man looked at Zhao Feng’s left eye and their hearts shook.

The shape of Zhao Feng’s left pupil was the same as the Three Eyed Saint’s third eye’s pupil.

At that instant, Zhao Feng’s left eye started to condense an absolute power with perfect control.

The eye-bloodline successors felt that Zhao Feng was preparing a unique skill made of countless atoms.

“What kind of move is this Zhao Feng trying to use?”

The spectators held their breath.

“Such a powerful eye-bloodline strength…. Is this Zhao Feng’s true power?”

The hearts of the Three Eyed Saint and the Head of the Golden Sun family shook.

If Zhao Feng used this much eye-bloodline power at the beginning, the Three Eyed Saint wouldn’t have lasted up till now.

However, Zhao Feng didn’t do so. Then what was his aim?

“I’ve already said that I came with a humble heart to learn from and challenge the number one eye-bloodline family in the continent.”

A calm voice sounded in the air.

As soon as his words finished, Zhao Feng’s left eye sent out a dazzling beam of light.

“Divine… Light… of… Destruction!”

An azure beam of light flashed through the air, cutting through and disintegrating everything in its path.

Before the light even got close, everyone felt a chill in their hearts.

When they looked at Zhao Feng’s left eye, they would feel like they had been cut up into countless pieces.

“How is this possible? The Divine Light of Destruction is the Golden Sun family’s secret technique, how can that brat…?”

The Head of the Golden Sun family was speechless.

“He… how does he know my Divine Light of Destruction!?”

The Three Eyed Saint exclaimed in shock and used his own Three Eyed Divine Light at this critical moment.

Qiu! Qiu!

In the sky, a scorching red light and a cold blue light clashed together.

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