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Eye-Bloodline Power Transfer

In the air, the beautiful ice-blue light intertwined with the scorching light.

During the first half-breath, the Three Eyed Saint’s scorching golden crow held the absolute advantage.

As Zhao Feng’s Ice Soul Shooting Line was about to disperse, an even more powerful icy force emerged, enhancing the attack.

The ice-blue line became more condensed while the Three Eyed Divine Light’s momentum decreased.

“The Ice Soul Shooting Line specializes in extreme cold and erosion, but it isn’t stable. The Ice Soul Freeze doesn’t aim for offense, it just concentrates on freezing.”

The Ball of Ice Soul’s essence appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind, and it contained many things about the mysteries of Ice.

Zhao Feng hadn’t placed much importance on the aspect of freezing before, but after meeting the Three Eyed Saint’s Three Eyed Divine Light and its powerful disintegration ability, the freezing ability was finally used.

The two opposing eye-bloodlines clashed, but a winner couldn’t be determined right away.

One was disintegrating while the other was freezing. These were the eye-bloodline specialties.

The Three Eyed Divine Light was fire-based while the Eye of Ice Soul was ice-based. They were opposites.

“The Three Eyed Saint’s Three Eyed Divine Light has been blocked!”

“But that Zhao Feng doesn’t have an advantage either.”

The spectators all held their breath in excitement.

This battle was between the two strongest eye-bloodlines in the continent.

“The Three Eyed Divine Light has actually been blocked by that brat? How can a measly Azure Flower Continent give birth to such a monstrous eye-bloodline?”

The Three Eyed Saint’s expression was twisted in anger and unwillingness.

Zhao Feng’s Eye of Ice Soul wasn’t as profound or perfect as his Three Eyed Divine Light.

After all, the Golden Sun family had a long history while Zhao Feng figured everything out by himself.

However, Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline strength was stronger than the Three Eyed Saint’s. It was only because of that that Zhao Feng’s Eye of Ice Soul was able to clash with the Three Eyed Divine Light.

On a faraway mountain.

“What a terrifying eye-bloodline. In terms of strength, Sheng’er’s isn’t as strong.”

The Head of the Golden Sun family’s eyes flashed with greed and admiration.

“This Zhao Feng’s eye is extremely unique. It has quite a large amount of soul energy and it can even change powers.”

The hat-wearing elder said.

As time passed, the expressions of the two started to become solemn.

In the air, the Three Eyed Saint’s scorching Divine Light originally took up two-thirds of the clash and had the advantage, but as several breaths passed by, the length of the scorching Divine Light was being pushed back.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng’s Ice Soul Line was pushing forward and coming close to taking up half of the space.

When the two sides each took up a half, the Three Eyed Saint lost the advantage, and from the current momentum, Zhao Feng’s Ice Soul Line was extending even further toward Jinyang Shengtian.


The Three Eyed Saint gritted his teeth and his circulated the power of his third eye, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t turn back the momentum.

Zhao Feng’s half started to creep forward.

Five tenths… six tenths… seven tenths….

Zhao Feng’s advantage was getting bigger and bigger.

“This Zhao Feng’s a monster. He’s suppressing the Three Eyed Saint in terms of eye-bloodline power.”

Tuoba Qi and the ghost-eyed man looked at each other in shock.

Although the victor hadn’t been decided yet, Zhao Feng’s advantage kept increasing and victory was falling toward him.

When his ice-blue line had reached three-quarters of the way, the Three Eyed Saint started tiring.

The Three Eyed Divine Light’s power was not to be underestimated, but such a powerful skill required a terrifying amount of energy.

“How is this possible…? His expression still isn’t changing?”

The Three Eyed Saint was in disbelief.

At the other end of the crater, Zhao Feng was still calm. One had to know, the strength of his soul was almost comparable to a Sovereign’s. How could the Three Eyed Saint’s soul be compared to his?

If this fight dragged out, the Three Eyed Saint would certainly lose.

“Three Eyed Saint, has the victor been decided already?”

Zhao Feng mocked as he put more pressure on.

Hearing this, the Three Eyed Saint’s face became ugly and full of anger.

Before the battle, the Three Eyed Saint was absolutely confident; Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline was destined to be beaten by him.

On the contrary, even though Zhao Feng was also confident in himself, he didn’t underestimate his opponent.

“Jinyang Shengtian, no matter what the result is today, I’m here with a humble heart to learn from and challenge the number one eye-bloodline family in the continent.”

Zhao Feng shook his head and said.

Humble? Learn?

The spectators had weird expressions.

Although Zhao Feng’s actions at the Tea Party weren’t arrogant, they weren’t humble either.

“Humble learning? Could it be…!?”

The ghost-eyed man seemed to remember something and his heart shook.

On top of the faraway mountain.

“What is this Zhao Feng playing at?”

The Head of the Golden Sun family’s eyebrows furrowed.

“It doesn’t matter what he’s playing at. If this continues, Sheng’er will lose.”

The grass-hat-wearing elder rolled his eyes.

“Hmph! With me here, how can Sheng’er lose?”

The Head of the Golden Sun family snickered coldly.


The third eye on his forehead suddenly opened. Being the Three Eyed Saint’s father, the Golden Sun family Head’s eye-bloodline was similar, just not as pure. However, in terms of pure strength, the Head of the Golden Sun family far exceeded his son.


The Head of the Golden Sun family brought his hands together as drops of blood leaked from his third eye and a fiery aura passed through the air.

“Good, because you are his father, you can transfer your eye-bloodline power with the use of the Golden Sun family secret technique.”

The grass-hat elder nodded his head faintly, not surprised.

In the next instant, the Three Eyed Saint’s third eye released a glow of brilliant gold as a wave of eye-bloodline power emanated from him.

“What’s going on?”

“What kind of secret technique is the Three Eyed Saint using? How can he suddenly have so much eye-bloodline power?”

Tuoba Qi, the ghost-eyed man, and company exclaimed.

In just a breath, the Three Eyed Saint’s eye-bloodline power had doubled.

Weng~ Boom!

Zhao Feng’s ice-blue line, which extended to a point right in front of the Three Eyed Saint, was suddenly pushed back by the surge of light.


Zhao Feng was surprised.


A gust of wind and lightning blew as the Divine Light started coming toward him again.

Wings of Wind and Lightning!

A pair of wings appeared behind Zhao Feng’s back that resonated with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng felt as light as a feather and like he was at the center of the world’s wind and lightning.

In the past half a year, Zhao Feng’s comprehension had reached a new level.

“Zhao Feng, no matter how fast you are, you won’t be able to evade my Divine Light.”

The Three Eyed Saint roared as the anger on his face was replaced by overwhelming joy and excitement.

He received help from his father at the critical moment, and there seemed to be a large stream of eye-bloodline power supplying him.

“Three Eyed Divine Light!”

With the support of his father’s eye-bloodline power, the Three Eyed Saint once again released a shocking beam of light that was twice as strong as before.

Zhao Feng’s figure was instantly pierced by the light.

Logically, he wouldn’t be able to dodge if he was locked on to, but at that moment, Zhao Feng smiled. The Wings of Wind and Lightning behind him suddenly flapped, creating countless arcs of lightning that pushed away the other Yuan Qi nearby.


Zhao Feng’s figure broke through the space that was covered in eye-bloodline power and disappeared.


The Three Eyed Saint’s devastating blow missed.

“How did he do that?”

Disbelief appeared on the Three Eyed Saint’s face.

From birth till now, this was the first time he had met a genius who could dodge his Three Eyed Divine Light so easily.

On the faraway mountain.

“What kind of secret technique was that? It seems to contain a small portion of the laws of space, which let him dodge the bloodline lock on.”

The Head of the Golden Sun family and the grass-hat elder were both surprised.


With the Wings of Wind and Lightning, Zhao Feng’s speed and agility both rose dramatically, and he disappeared from the Three Eyed Saint’s sight.

Suddenly, the Three Eyed Saint felt his back go cold as an invisible blade seemed to slice his skin.

“Azure Eye Sharp Slice!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye turned azure as his wings flapped, making him look like an ancient god of war.


A half-transparent blade of wind slashed toward the Three Eyed Saint, and the peak geniuses all felt that this was somewhat familiar.

It was incredibly similar to the Heavenly Piercing Eye.

“What’s going on? That’s my Tuoba family’s secret technique, the Heavenly Piercing Eye!”

Tuoba Qi stood up in shock.

However, by the time everyone realized that Zhao Feng’s Azure Eye Sharp Slice was completed, the blade of wind was already even faster than the Heavenly Piercing Eye since Zhao Feng had merged it with the laws of speed from the Wind Lightning Emperor.


Blood splattered from the Three Eyed Saint’s back as a half-inch-deep gash appeared, causing him to groan.

Even though he conjured a protective shield, it wasn’t fast enough.

Although the Three Eyed Saint had the ability to disperse the attack, Zhao Feng’s Azure Eye Sharp Slice’s speed and power had surpassed Tuoba Qi’s, and it was launched from the Three Eyed Saint’s blind spot.

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