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Tea Party Challenges

Goddess Bing Wei’s step back dissolved the anger in the hearts of the True Dragon geniuses, and her suggestion was supported.

“Zhao Feng, what do you think?”

Goddess Bing Wei seemed to have forgotten the history between herself and Zhao Feng as she asked.


Zhao Feng knew Goddess Bing Wei’s plan but couldn’t stop it.

After the crowd dissipated, the Three Eyed Saint and Goddess Bing Wei walked together shoulder-to-shoulder.

“Sister Wei, sorry.”

Emotions appeared on the Three Eyed Saint’s face even though he thought that Goddess Bing Wei was overreacting.

Although he didn’t put Zhao Feng in his eyes, he was grateful for what the woman he loved had done for him.

“Brother Sheng, you need to prepare well for this battle and take revenge for me.”

Goddess Bing Wei thought about how she had been suppressed and humiliated by Zhao Feng in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and couldn’t control herself.

She needed to plan how to humiliate Zhao Feng carefully. There was no room for failure.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed. In these past three days, the Three Eyed Saint humbly asked the Head of the Golden Sun family and First Elder for advice.

After all, some of Zhao Feng’s eye aura had been released when they clashed.

At night, on a field close to Golden Sun Sacred City.

What made Zhao Feng disappointed was that Xin Wuheng and Yu TIanhao still didn’t come.

Xin Wuheng might’ve died in the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance while Yu Tianhao hasn’t appeared much in the past half-year.

Zhao Feng didn’t hold much hope.

The Tea Party was similar to the Genius Summit of Sun Feather City. The only difference was that the participants were True Dragon geniuses that stood at the top of the continent.

The True Dragon geniuses were split into different groups, and Zhao Feng obviously represented the Canopy Great Country and the Northern Continent.

All the people near him were from the Northern Continent. Not counting those from the Canopy Great Country, there was also Mo Tianyi, Cang Yuyue, Princess Linyue, etc.

Shi Chengtian and Tantan Lanyue sat on different sides.

The Tea Party started with discussions as everyone talked about techniques and some of their inheritances.

Zhao Feng listened with interest.

The Three Eyed Saint was obviously one of the main characters. He had been in the outside world for the last ten or more years and he was extremely knowledgeable.

No matter what these geniuses asked, the Three Eyed Saint would be able to answer it.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but slightly admire the Three Eyed Saint. His knowledge and strength easily surpassed the juniors.

From a certain point of view, he wasn’t someone of the younger generation anymore but someone who had just progressed to the older generation.

Displays and sparring soon started. All of the people present were True Dragon geniuses – elites that had survived the inheritances and had their sights set on the Overwhelming Prodigies.

Several challenges ended in failure, but the next challenger was someone strong.

“Tantan Lanyue, let me see how big of an improvement you’ve made.”

Mo Tianyi steadily walked onto the open field.

His cultivation had reached the peak True Mystic Rank after entering the inheritance, and both his skills and strength were greater than the Overwhelming Prodigies from a year ago.

On the other hand, Tantan Lanyue was still at the half-step True Lord Rank. Amongst the five Overwhelming Prodigies, her cultivation always lagged behind since she was a beast tamer.

“Hehehe, come. I’m not scared of any challenge.”

Tantan Lanyue wore a bright-colored dress that went down to her knees and she was as pretty as a dream.


With a wave of her hand, Tantan Lanyue summoned the Horned Earth Dragon.

After the inheritance, the Earth Dragon had reached the True Lord Rank, and its body and power far exceeded humans of the same level.

Mo Tianyi smiled and wasn’t scared. He thrust out his palms, creating walls of yellow light that crushed toward Tantan Lanyue.

In terms of battle-power, Mo Tianyi wasn’t far off from the True Lord Rank. However, being a beast tamer, Tantan Lanyue didn’t specialize in close combat.

However, the Horned Earth Dragon was also much stronger than before and it could shake mountains with every step.

Even normal True Lord Ranks wouldn’t want to clash head-on with the Horned Earth Dragon, but Mo Tianyi obviously had something to rely on if he had the courage to challenge Tantan Lanyue.

Shua! Shua!

Mo Tianyi’s figure flashed through the air, leaving blurry after-images on the Horned Earth Dragon’s body.

“After coming back from the inheritance, Mo Tianyi’s overall strength has risen greatly. Offense, defense, speed… there’s no obvious flaw.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

After landing on the Horned Earth Dragon’s back, Mo Tianyi used his agility to his advantage and started to lock on to Tantan Lanyue.

Being a beast tamer, Tantan Lanyue wasn’t specialized in close combat, so even though her cultivation was a bit higher, she had signs of retreating.

Everyone couldn’t help but think about whether the positions of the five Overwhelming Prodigies would change.

After the ending of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, the five Overwhelming Prodigies’ cultivations had all risen.

Yu Tianhao, Zhao Feng, Shi Chengtian, and Goddess Bing Wei had all reached the True Lord Rank. Yu Tianhao had already reached the early-stage True Lord Rank right when he came out.

Compared to them, Tantan Lanyue was slightly weaker, as she hadn’t reached the True Lord Rank yet.

“Yuan Mountain Great Secret Palm!”

A silver ripple suddenly appeared on Mo Tianyi’s palm, and it had a restraining effect.

Tantan Lanyue wanted to evade, but she suddenly felt as if her body had been restricted by gravity. In this critical moment, she smiled, “Ice Glass Snake.”


She waved her hand and a small ice crystal snake shot out from her palm. It spat out a cold current that instantly broke through Mo Tianyi’s skill.


Mo Tianyi was just about to move when he felt something entangle itself onto him and a layer of ice started to spread across his body.

The small snake was extremely agile; no one saw how it managed to wrap itself around Mo Tianyi’s arm.

A breath or two later.


Mo Tianyi became a block of ice and was slammed to the ground by the Horned Earth Dragon.

“Hehe, you really think I would only have one True Lord Rank pet after coming back from the inheritance?”

Tantan Lanyue waved her hand and the ice snake disappeared into her bracelet.

Waves surged in the hearts of the True Dragon geniuses.

Simply put, Tantan Lanyue’s battle-power was comparable to two True Lord Ranks.

The Horned Earth Dragon was the size of a mountain and was useful for head-on battles. However, it’s weakness was also obvious. It was slow and easily countered by those who specialized in speed.

However, Tantan Lanyue now possessed a mysterious Ice Glass Snake that could spit out freezing cold aura, and which specialized in close combat and ambushing.

“With the big and small True Lord Rank pets, Tantan Lanyue has no obvious weakness.”

Zhao Feng knew that Tantan Lanyue could form an army with her pets.

Of course, that was nothing compared to Zhao Feng’s Hundred Corpse plan.

Zhao Feng now had a total of five True Lord Rank ghost-corpses: three that had been crafted and the two dark-silver ghost-corpses.

Within half a day, the True Dragon geniuses had all challenged Shi Chengtian, Goddess Bing Wei, and Tantan Lanyue.

Everyone’s challenge ended in failure. The strength that Shi Chengtian and Goddess Bing Wei displayed was only greater than Tantan Lanyue’s.


Shi Chengtian’s bloodline awakened one step further as he sent Wang Xiaoguai flying with one fist.

“Sky Ape Divine Luo!”

Wang Xiaoguai roared unwillingly as he unleashed a barrage of insane attacks.

Shi Chengtian laughed as he took the hits from Wang Xiaoguai head-on. The latter started to bleed from his own attacks, whereas Shi Chengtian wasn’t injured at all.

“It’s difficult for anyone not at the peak True Lord Rank to break Shi Chengtian’s defense.”

Zhao Feng had to admit that Shi Chengtian’s strength and defense were the top among the present people.

One had to know that Wang Xiaoguai was the number one genius in the Canopy Great Country, not counting Zhao Feng.

Goddess Bing Wei also stunned the geniuses present as she easily defeated two or three people at the same level as Mo Tianyi. She seemed even stronger than Shi Chengtian and Tantan Lanyue.

On a mountain far away, the Head of the Golden Sun family and the elder wearing the grass hat looked down at the battles below.

“When Sheng’er was their age, he was only comparable to normal Overwhelming Prodigies, still a bit off Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao.”

Solemnness appeared on the grass hat elder’s face.

“But not every prodigy can mature….”

There was a coldness in the Golden Sun Family Head’s smile.

After half a day, none of the Overwhelming Prodigies had been defeated.

Tantan Lanyue, Shi Chengtian, and Goddess Bing Wei all displayed strength that easily surpassed the other geniuses.

However, one person broke this legend.

It was Cang Yuyue.

After coming back from the Seven Sword Inheritance and the battles in the Cloud area, Cang Yuyue’s cultivation had reached the half-step True Lord Rank.

She first challenged Tantan Lanyue. A dominant and bloodthirsty sword-intent seemed to pass through the void and pierce the hearts of the spectators.

Fifty moves later, the Horned Earth Dragon’s body was covered in injuries and had fainted.

“Seven Sword Inheritance… your comprehension has already reached a level where you can suppress True Lord Ranks.”

Cang Yuyue’s face was pale and had several bloody marks.

If Tantan Lanyue continued fighting, her pets would be in danger, so she had to admit defeat.

Cang Yuyue won!

After this fight, she then challenged Goddess Bing Wei and Shi Chengtian, but no victor was decided within a hundred moves.

In reality, if it weren’t for the fact that Shi Chengtian and Goddess Bing Wei’s defenses were so strong, they would have most likely lost.

Without a doubt though, Cang Yuyue had replaced Tantan Lanyue as an Overwhelming Prodigy.

The spectators and the True Dragon geniuses had witnessed this miracle.

However, while all the other three Overwhelming Prodigies had been challenged, Zhao Feng hadn’t been.

No one challenged him. To be precise, no one dared to challenge him.

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