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A Step Back, Forbidden Eye Stealing Technique

“Even if the Tea Party hasn’t started by then, I’ll still want to witness the continent’s strongest eye-bloodline. I hope Three Eyed Saint won’t reject me.”

Zhao Feng’s words suddenly took a turn as he looked directly at the host without any expression.

Hearing this, the hearts of the present True Dragon geniuses thudded. Many looked toward the blue-haired youth in shock.

No one would have thought that Zhao Feng would go against the Three Eyed Saint and then ask for a spar.

The atmosphere instantly became tense.

“This Zhao Feng… isn’t giving the Three Eyed Saint any face at all.”

“What courage! Directly challenging the winner of two Sacred True Dragon Gatherings.”

“Hehe, the Three Eyed Saint’s already over fifty years old. When he participated in his first Sacred True Dragon Gathering, Zhao Feng wasn’t even born yet.”

The geniuses’ expressions were filled with expectation and excitement. Although most of them didn’t think Zhao Feng’s odds looked good, they had to admit that if anyone would be able to challenge the Three Eyed Saint, it would be Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, looks like you’re not giving me any face.”

The Three Eyed Saint’s expression dimmed.

The third eye that was closed suddenly revealed a crack, radiating a dominant and powerful bloodline aura.

The True Dragon geniuses felt a pressure as their hearts twitched.

The Three Eyed Saint’s Sacred Eye bloodline had only opened a tiny bit and the terrifying aura was already enough to make other bloodlines tremble uneasily.

“So, this is the continent’s strongest eye-bloodline….”

Even the Overwhelming Prodigies felt that breathing was hard.

Shi Chengtian and Tantan Lanyue were shocked while Goddess Bing Wei’s face was filled with joy.

“This Three Eyed Saint’s Sacred Eye bloodline has awakened to the third stage….”

Tuoba Qi and the ghost-eyed man, the successors of the other two eye-bloodline families, circulated their eye-bloodlines to oppose this pressure.

However, in front of the continent’s strongest eye-bloodline, both Tuoba Qi and the ghost-eyed man felt helpless.

The third eye’s aura wasn’t focused on any one person, it simply filled the entire area.

He seemed to have the power to crush all the True Dragon geniuses by himself.

However, there was one person that wasn’t moved.

“Give you face? I will if you beat me.”

Zhao Feng’s face went cold.

In front of the Three Eyed Saint’s eye-bloodline, Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly turned a bone-chilling blue, and the lake within his left eye’s dimension had extended to seventeen or eighteen yards.

The lake was full of chaotic waves, which represented Zhao Feng’s soul power that was almost comparable to a Sovereign.


Two auras clashed in the air. A blue aura could be seen resisting a golden ball.

The fiery gold and the ice-cold blue clashed, pressuring the True Dragon geniuses even more.

“What powerful eye-bloodline strength!”

Tuoba Qi and the ghost-eyed man were stunned. Their eye-bloodline strength was nothing compared to Zhao Feng and the Three Eyed Saint. They couldn’t even raise their heads.

The gold represented the Three Eyed Saint and the blue represented Zhao Feng.

After several breaths.

“This brat’s eye-bloodline power doesn’t seem to be weaker than mine.”

The third eye on the Three Eyed Saint’s forehead started to open some more. It seemed like a hole that could cause destruction anywhere.

Although his eye-bloodline power kept on rising, he still couldn’t suppress Zhao Feng.

At this moment in time, all the experts within Golden Sun Sacred City were shocked.

The clash between Zhao Feng and the Three Eyed Saint was too terrifying. Those with eye-bloodlines felt this sensation even stronger.

On top of the city wall of Golden Sun Sacred City.

“There’s such a powerful bloodline outside of the three families?”

A middle-aged man in golden robes was standing tall with his hands behind his back. He looked into the distance as shock passed through his eyes.

The middle-aged man’s appearance was similar to the Three Eyed Saint’s, and he had a third eye on his forehead.

He was the current Head of the family – the Three Eyed Saint’s father.

“This Zhao Feng’s much younger than Shengtian and his eye-bloodline’s potential is immeasurable. Furthermore, his left eye seems extremely unique, almost as if he wasn’t born with it.”

A sigh sounded next to his ear.

The Head of the Golden Sun family turned around. An elder wearing a grass hat had appeared next to him.

“First Elder!”

The Head of the Golden Sun family bowed and then asked with a puzzled look, “Not born with it…? Could it be stolen, or perhaps some kind of mutation?”

“A normal human who didn’t already have an eye-bloodline couldn’t have reached this level so quickly if it was a mutation.”

The elder in the grass hat shook his head.

The Head of the Golden Sun family agreed.

No matter how much the eye of a mortal mutated, it couldn’t become so terrifying so quickly.

However, if it was someone who already had an eye-bloodline, then the possibility was high.

The problem was that Zhao Feng’s right eye was perfectly normal, so his eye-bloodline was most likely acquired later in life.

“Could it be… the Eye-Stealing Technique!?”

The Head of the Golden Sun family exclaimed.

“The Eye-Stealing Technique is cruel and forbidden. Not to mention, how would a mortal be able to steal such a powerful eye-bloodline?”

The grass hat elder rejected this proposal.

At the same time, at the esteemed guest rooms of the Golden Sun family, Zhao Feng and the Three Eyed Saint’s clash had lasted several breaths and the victor still couldn’t be decided.

“Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline is already strong enough to counter the Three Eyed Saint?”

This scene made the hearts of many geniuses unable to calm down.

After all, the Three Eyed Saint was much older than Zhao Feng. They couldn’t even be considered as part of the same generation.

“Zhao Feng, no wonder you have such courage. However, the strength of an eye-bloodline isn’t determined by just this….”

The third eye on the Three Eyed Saint’s forehead started to open wider. A transparent beam of gold light seemed to form, creating a pressure for both the body and soul.

“This Three Eyed Saint’s eye-bloodline seems to be able to attack both the soul and the physical world.”

Zhao Feng’s heart tightened and felt heavy. His God’s Spiritual Eye was based more toward the spiritual side whereas the Three Eyed Saint’s was balanced toward both.


A cold shout sounded across the air and a cold intent chilled the air.

The True Dragon geniuses hiccupped as their blood seemed to freeze.

Goddess Bing Wei appeared between Zhao Feng and the Three Eyed Saint, creating an ice-snake that intertwined the two.

The powerful icy aura seemed to freeze the air. Even Zhao Feng and the Three Eyed Saint’s eye-bloodline clash seemed to be frozen.

“This Goddess Bing Wei’s reached the True Lord Rank, and her control of ice has reached another level.”

Zhao Feng circulated his bloodline power to stop the coldness within his body. He had to stop the clash with the Three Eyed Saint.

Although it seemed as if Goddess Bing Wei was stopping the battle, her cold aura was actually aiming more toward Zhao Feng.

If Zhao Feng was to continue fighting, he would most likely be attacked by both the Three Eyed Saint and Goddess Bing Wei.

“Sister Wei, what are you doing?”

The Three Eyed Saint’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked toward Goddess Bing Wei, puzzled.

Although Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline power wasn’t weaker than his, the Three Eyed Saint was confident in his abilities, and not just because of his Sacred Eye bloodline’s unique ability.

It was also because he came from the strongest eye-bloodline family on the continent, and they had the best set of techniques. How could someone who only just obtained an eye-bloodline be compared to him?

“Brother Jinyang, we’re the hosts, and if we start fighting before we even start the Tea Party, we’ll lose face.”

Goddess Bing Wei looked apologetically toward the Three Eyed Saint as she explained to the group.

The people present all agreed. Zhao Feng still hadn’t actually decided if he wanted to participate in the Tea Party or not.

The Three Eyed Saint’s provocative actions had the signs of “bullying.”

If Zhao Feng was a normal person, he would’ve already been humiliated by the Three Eyed Saint.

“Sister Wei is right. As the host, I shouldn’t make any moves before the Tea Party starts or else it’ll seem like I’m a bully.”

The Three Eyed Saint said.

Zhao Feng stood still but glanced toward Goddess Bing Wei.

Goddess Bing Wei had thought things through.

If the Three Eyed Saint won right now, there would be discussions of him being a bully, and if he lost then what face would he have to continue to host the Tea Party?

The most important thing was that the clash between the Three Eyed Saint and Zhao Feng wasn’t actually one-sided. Otherwise, Goddess Bing Wei would have loved to see the Three Eyed Saint humiliate Zhao Feng.

“As Zhao Feng says, we’ll host the Tea Party three days later.”

Goddess Bing Wei smiled.

Hearing this, many people were surprised.

They thought that the Tea Party would be delayed another ten days, but because of Zhao Feng’s words, it changed to three days.

They were giving Zhao Feng a lot of face.

On the city wall far away.

“Bing Wei’s indeed put her heart and mind into this. By changing the starting time to three days, she’s giving Sheng’er time to prepare. He’ll have a lot of chances to detect Zhao Feng’s true strength.”

The Head of the Golden Sun family had a relieved look.

After all, the battle between Zhao Feng and the Three Eyed Saint concerned the title of the strongest eye-bloodline on the continent.

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