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Secret of the Sovereigns

In the underground palace, Zhao Feng was within the center of a chaotic tornado, and he felt the pressure of the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi screaming.

Any True Lord Rank in this situation would feel like a boat in a storming ocean.

Those with higher comprehension felt more pressure. On the contrary, a normal person wouldn’t feel as pressured.

“It’s this guy….”

A slightly surprised voice from the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl sounded in Zhao Feng’s mind through the Dark Heart Seed.

Zhao Feng paused. He didn’t think that the skeletal Division Leader would know the Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion, but thinking about it, the skeletal Division Leader was an expert of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion that had lived for several hundred years. It wasn’t strange for it to recognize the Iron Blood Religion Patriarch.

Without a doubt, the thick-eyebrowed elder was a Sovereign when he was at his peak.

It wasn’t the first time Zhao Feng met someone with Origin Core Realm level intent.

The first was the Grand Elder of the Imperials. However, this Grand Elder was only at the half-step Origin Core Realm, otherwise he wouldn’t need to be so wary of the Deputy Patriarch.

The second was Lu Tianyi in the Purple Saint Ruins.

Lu Tianyi wasn’t far away from the Origin Core Realm. Zhao Feng guessed that, as long as Lu Tianyi didn’t die from the little poisonous scorpion, he would probably be able to break through to the Origin Core Realm within a year or two.

The skeletal Division Leader also had a high-level intent, but the Patriarch’s intent was magnificent and right in front of him.

“This type of intent turns oneself into the center of the earth and will cause Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to bow down without doing anything. Turning one’s life into a higher level…”

Zhao Feng closed his eyes and inspected the Sovereign’s intent. Although this world was still far away for Zhao Feng, it didn’t stop him from learning.

Zhao Feng even compared the Patriarch with Lu Tianyi and the skeletal Division Leader, trying to find common points between them.

The common point would be the core of the Origin Core Realm.

While comparing each of them, Zhao Feng started to understand, and many of his questions were answered.

“The scarlet-haired Patriarch, the skeletal Division Leader, and Lu Tianyi…. The Patriarch’s intent is the strongest, the skeletal Division Leader’s intent is the weirdest, and Lu Tianyi’s intent is the most profound and seems to be close to the origin of Heaven and Earth….”

Zhao Feng concluded. In terms of intent, Lu Tianyi’s was the most profound, even though it wasn’t the strongest.

Zhao Feng could only think that this was because Lu Tianyi came from a two-and-a-half star super sect – the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.

Higher rated forces had better skills. Furthermore, even if Lu Tianyi wasn’t the Head disciple, he was at least an elite amongst Core disciples.

This was because the Purple Saint Ruins had age restrictions.

For example, the Three Eyed Saint holding the Tea Party this time couldn’t participate in the most recent Sacred True Dragon Gathering due to the age limit.

Time passed by slowly.

Zhao Feng stood still as he felt the intent of the Origin Core Realm. Although it didn’t allow Zhao Feng to quickly reach the Origin Core Realm, it allowed his mental energy to progress.

This continued until a certain moment, when the surge of intent started to fade and the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi became calm again.

“Zhao Feng.”

An old voice full of power sounded next to his ear. The scarlet-haired elder was now sitting on his bed and blood had returned to his face.

“Patriarch Hong.”

Zhao Feng instantly bowed.

“Zhao Feng, I didn’t think you’d actually be able to bring back the Elixir of Life from an inheritance.”

The scarlet-haired elder was filled with excitement and happiness.

He had made that request on a whim and didn’t really have much hope. This was because treasures such as the Elixir of Life were extremely rare even in the inheritances and the competition would be very fierce.

Back then, Zhao Feng’s strength was only worthy of making the top one-hundred-and-fifty.

“If it weren’t for the ball of Ice Soul and the Dark Eye Incomplete Page, this junior wouldn’t have made this much of an improvement and been able to fight against the prodigies in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering or the geniuses in the inheritance.”

Zhao Feng said truthfully. He was grateful to this scarlet-haired elder.

The ball of Ice Soul allowed him to embark on the Dao of the Soul, which was the most suitable Dao for his God’s Spiritual Eye.

The Dark Eye Incomplete Page allowed Zhao Feng to understand the basics of eye-bloodlines, allowing his path to widen.

It could be said that these two items that the Patriarch had given him changed Zhao Feng’s destiny.

The scarlet-haired elder thought for a moment before smiling, “One peck, one drink. Maybe this is fate.”

Zhao Feng felt an indescribable comprehension from this, but one thing was certain; the Patriarch had made Zhao Feng, and in return, Zhao Feng had made the Patriarch.

“However, bringing the Elixir of Life has saved me. Zhao Feng, if you have anything you want, you can ask and I’ll do my best to satisfy it.”

The elder smiled and kept on inspecting Zhao Feng with admiration.

Zhao Feng had a characteristic, and that was repaying kindness with kindness.

Which force wouldn’t want to raise a prodigy like this?

“Patriarch, the Elixir of Life was to repay you. I don’t want anything else.”

Zhao Feng replied humbly.

From his perspective, the scarlet-haired elder saved him, and now they were even.

“Hahahaha… good!”

The elder laughed for a while before inspecting Zhao Feng once more. He admired him even more.

Any other genius would be overjoyed by such an offer from a Sovereign, but Zhao Feng wasn’t.

Of course, what made the scarlet-haired elder’s heart move was Zhao Feng’s potential, as well as Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline that even he couldn’t see through.

“Brother Hong, Zhao Feng became an Overwhelming Prodigy this time, and he was crowned the Lord of the Overwhelming Prodigies alongside Yu Tianhao.”

Tiemo used this chance to summarize Zhao Feng’s achievements in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

He then told the Patriarch how they slew the True Lord Ranks not long ago.

In this process, even the extremely knowledgeable Patriarch Hong was dazed from disbelief.

At last, Brother Hong took a deep breath. He realized that he had underestimated Zhao Feng.

“Tiemo, your eyes are good. I didn’t think that Zhao Feng would be able to fight that kid Yu Tianhao to a draw. Although Yu Tianhao’s father Yu Xingchen is a member of the Sacred Alliance as well, his strength is monstrous. He could defeat me when I was at my peak….”

Patriarch Hong sighed.

He knew very clearly how strong Yu Tianhao was. Sovereign Yu Xingchen was a member of the Sacred Alliance just like himself.

When Zhao Feng heard this, he understood why some of the Sovereigns of the Sacred Alliance seemed to know the Deputy Patriarch.

After knowing a Sovereign, Zhao Feng started to learn about the circle.

The Sacred Alliance was an organization, formed by a group of Sovereigns, that decided the fate of the continent.

It played a huge role in defeating the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

“Brother Hong, now that you’ve returned, and Zhao Feng’s strength isn’t any weaker than mine, the Canopy Great Country will be ours.”

Tiemo said proudly.

Which force in the Canopy Great Country could stop a Sovereign and two True Lord Ranks that were comparable to a normal half-step Origin Core Realm?

“I’ve slept for too long, so I will probably need a year or two before I can recover to my peak state.”

Patriarch Hong said deeply.

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed. Patriarch Hong’s current state wasn’t much stronger than the skeletal Division Leader back at the castle.

The current mission was for the Patriarch to recover first. Once his strength recovered, the Iron Blood Religion could rule the Great Country without expending any soldiers.

“I forgot about that. Furthermore, the spawn of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion have started to take action again. Even within the Canopy Great Country, their forces have caused chaos.”

The Deputy Patriarch’s words suddenly shifted.

“Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion!”

Patriarch Hong’s eyes flashed coldly and he released a mental energy force that seemed to freeze the entire underground palace.

This news didn’t surprise Zhao Feng.

The situation in the Cloud area reflected the situation across the continent.

Back then, while he was journeying toward the Canopy Great Country, he had found that the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion controlled a few strong countries.

If Zhao Feng’s guesses were correct, the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion’s strategy was to start from the countryside, slowly expand, and finally surround the strong clans and great countries.

“Over the past year, the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion has created strongholds in the far territories of the Canopy Great Country. Even the eight major forces have been somewhat infiltrated.”

Tiemo summarized the situation.

Hearing this, both Patriarch Hong and Zhao Feng’s expression became grim.

This was especially so for Patriarch Hong, who had lived in the era of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion era. He knew how terrifying it was.

Several hundred years ago, the Demonic Religion was just a step away from controlling the continent.

Zhao Feng’s heart went cold. He had slain many experts of the Demonic Religion and even imprisoned a Division Leader in his Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

“Zhe zhe zhe… Zhao Feng, there’s still hope if you turn to the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion right now. I can tell you that the Patriarch of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion has already awoken, and far earlier than the Sovereign in front of you.”

The skeletal Division Leader’s dark voice sounded through the Dark Heart Seed connection.

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