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Patriarch Of The Iron Blood Religion

“Zhao Feng, you…”

Tiemo looked at the blue-haired youth in disbelief.

The spectators all shouted in surprise.

At the last moment, when the Iron Blood Religion Deputy Patriarch was about to split Empress Qin in two, Zhao Feng suddenly interfered and blocked the blow.

A layer of blue surrounded Zhao Feng’s body. The power of the Wheel of Light and Darkness was blocked and absorbed by the blue layer like a stone sinking into the ocean.

Why did Zhao Feng block me?

Although Tiemo was curious, he was more surprised about Zhao Feng’s strength.

The Deputy Patriarch’s Wheel of Light and Darkness couldn’t even break through Zhao Feng’s bloodline defense.

Tiemo was sure that even a peak True Lord Rank couldn’t block his Wheel of Light and Darkness so easily.

However, this youth in front of him did just that with ease.

“Deputy Patriarch, I owe the Sage a favor. Please let her go this time.”

Zhao Feng explained.

Zhao Feng and Empress Qin were on different sides and they had schemed against each another in the past. The former had even kidnapped the latter.

However, Zhao Feng decided not to kill Empress Qin due to several reasons, such as the Sage and the Broken Moon Clan’s First Elder.

“Oh well. I’ll let her go again then.”

The Deputy Patriarch sighed. He shook his head as he put away the Wheel of Light and Darkness.

Let her go again? Again?

Zhao Feng was puzzled. Did the Deputy Patriarch have the chance to kill Empress Qin in the past and not take it for some reason?

Empress Qin let out a long breath. Her clothes were drenched in cold sweat.

“Zhao Feng, I didn’t think you would be the one to save me.”

Her expression was complex. She wanted to kill Zhao Feng with those other three, but she ended up being saved by Zhao Feng instead.

“Piss off. This is the last chance.”

Zhao Feng glanced at Empress Qin in disgust.

He didn’t have any good feelings toward Empress Qin. He even had a little bit of killing intent.

Empress Qin didn’t dare to stay too long, leaving immediately.

“Empress Qin created waves and caused chaos ever since she joined the Imperials and I had many chances to kill her before she fully matured. However, because of the Sage, I never killed her.”

Tiemo watched Empress Qin leave.

Zhao Feng remembered how Jiang Sanfeng told him that Tiemo had gone to visit the Sage to confirm whether Zhao Feng was alive or dead.

“It’s mainly because the Patriarch – Brother Hong – has a good relationship with the Sage.”

Tiemo sighed.

Patriarch? The true Patriarch?

Zhao Feng’s heart moved. He didn’t think the connection would be this complex.

He soon remembered the mysterious elder that gave him the ball of Ice Soul and the Dark Eye Incomplete Page.

After letting Empress Qin go, Zhao Feng quickly returned to the forge and continued with the task.

During this period of time, a black mist covered the forge, and no one could see inside.

Even someone as strong as Tiemo could barely see through, and even then, he was almost injured.

“There seems to be an expert behind Zhao Feng that specializes in the Dao of Ghost Corpses….”

Tiemo was surprised. In terms of cultivation, he wasn’t far from the half-step Origin Core Realm, but even he couldn’t guess what kind of existence was in the underground forge.

He started to realize that he couldn’t see through Zhao Feng anymore.


The mist in the forge started to fade, revealing only Zhao Feng and Master Tiegan.

Zhao Feng continued with the forging, and although Master Tiegan was curious, he didn’t say anything as he helped on the side.

The last step of the forging was finally complete.


A silver-and-azure wheel that glittered with lightning attached itself onto Zhao Feng’s arm and started to spin. Its force created an invisible tornado.

Zhao Feng then used his True Force to expand the simplified Wheel of Light and Darkness to a mechanical arm that was slightly bigger than a normal adult’s.

“This simplified Wheel of Light and Darkness has merged with the power of wind and lightning, and its strength has dramatically risen. Although its grade isn’t as high as the real version, this item is more perfected among its grade.”

Master Tiegan praised.

Tiemo couldn’t help but try it on, “It can create powerful attacks using the smallest amount of True Force, and it has the speed and destruction of wind and lightning. Its power surpasses same-tier items by far.”

There was envy in his words. If it weren’t for the fact that his cultivation had reached the peak True Lord Rank and the grade of the simplified Wheel of Light and Darkness wasn’t high enough, even he would be moved to buy it.

“I’m planning on giving this to someone in the Cloud area.”

Zhao Feng said.

Tiemo smiled. He agreed and assured that the experts of the Iron Blood Religion would personally deliver it to First Elder of the Broken Moon Clan.

Zhao Feng gave the simplified Wheel of Light and Darkness away and let out a breath.

One of his tasks was to craft this Wheel of Light and Darkness for his Master and it was finally complete.

On the same night, the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan flew through the air.

The sedan was quite spacious, and Zhao Feng, Jiang Sanfeng, and Die Ye were all there.

“Zhao Feng, not only were you able to return to the continent safely, your strength has also increased by leaps and bounds.”

The Deputy Patriarch sighed and thought about the past.

Hearing this, Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye both had the same feeling.

One and a half years ago, Zhao Feng was only a youth around their level, but now Zhao Feng’s strength was comparable to the Deputy Patriarch’s.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng was someone of the younger generation. His future was immeasurable.

While they were speaking, the Deputy Patriarch was also curious about the unknown inheritance.

Zhao Feng summarized the situation with the Purple Saint Ruins, but he didn’t mention that Zhao Yufei had inherited the place.

“The Purple Saint Ruins has geniuses from three two-star sects? One of them is even two-and-a-half stars?”

Tiemo was stunned. What made him sigh in admiration was that Zhao Feng had survived in that environment and even received an inheritance.

Zhao Feng also covered his inheritance, only saying that it came from an expert at the Void God Realm.

“Void God Realm, that’s the minimum requirement for a two-star sect.”

There was longing in Tiemo’s expression.

Even normal Void God Realms were a legend on this continent.

Several days later, the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan returned to the main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion.

“Deputy Patriarch, I have a present.”

Zhao Feng suddenly said as he took out a mysterious drop of green liquid from a dark-green gourd.

The Deputy Patriarch’s pupils shrank and he instantly exclaimed, “Is that… the Elixir of Life!?”

The mysterious green liquid radiated a pure aura of life, and it even contained an aura of the essence of life.

“That’s right, this is the Elixir of Life.”

Zhao Feng smiled. After giving this drop out, he still had one more left.

“Elixir of Life… great! Zhao Feng, I don’t know how to thank you.”

The Deputy Patriarch was extremely excited and speechless.

It was obvious the Elixir of Life was too important to the Deputy Patriarch and the Iron Blood Religion.

“Deputy Patriarch, please give this Elixir of Life to the Patriarch as thanks for that day.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed as he spoke. He guessed that the mysterious elder he saw long ago was the true Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion.

Tiemo smiled, “Zhao Feng, you’re right. The person you saw that day is the Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion.”

After replying, Tiemo led Zhao Feng into the underground palace.

This was the second time Zhao Feng had come here.

On the bed lay a thick-eyebrowed elder. His skin was all dry and there was no sign of life from him, as if he was already dead.

“Brother Hong, I’m here.”

Tiemo quickly came to the bedside.

The thick-eyebrowed elder slowly opened his eyes and spoke in a weak voice, “I can’t live very long in this state. Don’t bother me if there’s nothing important.”

When the thick-eyebrowed elder opened his eyes, Zhao Feng felt a unfathomable mental energy.

“Brother Hong, take a look.”

Tiemo laughed and gently lifted his hand.

The thick-eyebrowed elder looked closely and his eyes seemed to give off a divine light, “Elixir of Life!”

At this moment in time, the thick-eyebrowed elder’s aura was released, and his mental energy aura seemed to resonate with space.

Zhao Feng felt suppressed. No one had ever given him such a feeling before ever since returning to the Azure Flower Continent.

The only ones who had slightly done so were Lu Tianyi, and the skeletal Division Leader when it used its secret technique.

However, even those two couldn’t be compared with this person.

While Zhao Feng was thinking, the thick-eyebrowed elder had already swallowed the Elixir of Life.

His dry skin, pale face, and weak aura were starting to turn around. It was similar to the moment before an old person died. They would become “young” and full of energy. However, what was happening now wasn’t momentary. It was real.

“It’s indeed worthy of being a legendary Elixir. The injury to my foundation has already healed 30-40%.”

A faint red appeared on the elder’s face as he became overjoyed.

His mental energy aura became more and more terrifying. Normal True Lord Ranks could only look up to it.


The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi above the main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion roared. The thick-eyebrowed scarlet-haired elder was like the ocean. He would draw in Yuan Qi with every breath.

His powerful aura seemed to lead the Yuan Qi from every direction to rule the heavens and earth.

“This cultivation… could it be…?”

Zhao Feng felt infinitely small in front of this aura.

Experts at the True Lord Rank could “resonate with” and “summon” Heaven Earth Yuan Qi on a small scale, and they stood at the peak of the golden pyramid because of it.

However, this scarlet-haired elder’s cultivation had reached an even higher level, and he seemed to become the center of a whirlpool of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

The Yuan Qi in the air would pour into him even if he didn’t specifically make it, and it filled him with limitless energy.

Such a level exceeded the Three Heavens of the True Spirit Realm.

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