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We heard nothing from Oman group after four days . Police and military vans filled every major road. The town was still vigilant as business activities cautiously resumed.

Zadu never relented in his threats. He flooded social media with live murder.

The president gave a public speech on national TV refusing Zadus’s terms, stating that the the government can not negotiate with terrorist. Instead the security force in the country was increased to check further attack. The President also condemned any gathering done is secret, declaring that such gatherings should be considered rebellion grooming and should be treated as such. He furthermore appealed to people deserting to come back and resume their businesses.

The word from the president and the evident of active security boost increased people’s confident and many came back from far and near.

I and Ruth were going to get stuff from the market when a black Toyota car packed across the road. I barely took note of it, until a familiar voice called my name. I turn to behold my heart robber.

She wore a black T-shirt on a camouflage trouser and face cap. She immediately crossed the road to hug me. I was so happy and engrossed in our emotional body contact that I forgot all about Ruth who was standing beside me.

” I am happy you’re okay. Have missed you Mike ” she said as she held me so tight.

We finally broke the embrace and she stood a little away from me looking at me observantly and then hugged me again. It was then I noticed Ruth. She was becoming obviously angered with our public smooching.

I quickly and gently broke the embrace, pointed at Ruth and said.

” We are going to the market. I’ll see you when i get back ok? ”

Sandra smiled and waved at Ruth, but Ruth didn’t return it. Instead she looked away. Sandra then smiled and said to me.

” see you soon” heading back to the car.

We walked silently to the market. I knew my actions must have hurt Ruth greatly. I struggled with words to break the silence but her face that was frowned ominously snatched the courage from me.

We entered the market and bought everything in silence. On our way back, I finally decided to say something.

” did you notice the way the fish woman spoke? It’s like she’s not from around here ”

Ruth pretended as if I didn’t say anything to her and continued walking.

” what’s it Ruth? ” I said.

Yet she said nothing.

I held her hand and asked again.

” what’s it Ruth? ”

She looked at her hand surprised. Then to my face and back to her hand.

” Mike, let me go!” she barked.

” are you angry because Sandra is back? ”

” why didn’t she just die?! Why does she have to come back?! And you Mike ” she frowned at me. ” you had the guts to humiliate me like that”.

” I only welcomed a friend. And why would you wish her dead? That’s very evil of you Ruth ” I said.

” let go of me! ” she pulled her hand off my grip and started walking ahead of me with the items we bought.

I got home and found Sandra chatting heartily with mum. I took a sit beside my mum and listened to Sandra’s escapades.

I later excused myself and went to look for Ruth in the rooms, she wasn’t there. I went outside around the house but she wasn’t there as well. I found my brother playing card with two soldiers and a civilian at the front of our back neighbors house .

” have you seen Ruth? ” I asked him

” I don’t know. Look for her under the bed” he said, circumspectingly observing to know which card to play.

I walked away from him and headed outside the gate, still no trace of Ruth. There was no need looking for her car since it had been returned to the rightful owner.

So I called her, her number ran and she didn’t answer. I then decided to return back to the house.

Sandra stood in front of the house looking at me as I strolled in.

” I have been looking for you. Come to mummy my beautiful boy” she said smiling.

I hugged her and we kissed.

” how’s your hand? ” she said looking at my both hands.

” better now. Just a slight pain”

We walked towards her car.

” this is new” I said.

” yeah. I just got this baby”. She said smiling at me.

I went round the car admiring its perfect design and feeling it’s smoothness.

” take the key” she tossed the car to me. ” drive me”. She said, entering the other side of the car.

” to where?” I asked, joining her in the drivers seat.

” I’ll direct you. Just drive ” she said.

We ended up at her other house. There was not a scratch on the wall as well as other houses in the area.

We went into the building. And waited in front of her door for her to open it. We were barely in before she hungrily attacked my lips. I manage to back to door while returning the kiss and we ended up kneeling beside the couch .

She tore my shirt, I looked at her in wonderment. She said under her breath.

” I’ll get you another one” then ripped it off me.

She bounced on my nipples, socking one after the other and kissed me up to my neck. I grabbed her throat, she looked excitedly at me breathing heavily. I pushed her down resting her back on the floor. Then bent on top of her kissed her whole mouth, sliding my tongue in and out, socking her tongue,lips and she doing likewise . She reached for my belt, but I held her on the neck refraining her.

I put her ears one after the other in my mouth , deeping my tongue inside and around. Then sat her up, took off her T-shirt. Used one of my hand to remove her bra straps while kissing her.

I put the two boobs in my mouth and s--k her nipples, she moaned silently caressing my head.

I stood put abruptly, raised her up, then pushed her on the couch backing me. She knelt on it. From behind I removed her camouflage trouser slowly kissing and licking around her butt, then the lines between her butt cheek down to her butt holes and v----a.

I slowly went under her and she sat on my face, rocking her wetness in my mouth. I deeped my tongue inside every hole she placed in my mouth, while she moaned grabbing and socking her boobs.

She pulled down my pants and put my bleeping rod in her mouth. We remained in 69 position for a long while. Before I placed my four fingers on her c------s and rigorously robbing its surface. Wetting my fingers at intervals. Suddenly she squirted on my face.

I moved away from under her, laid her back on the chair, slide in two fingers inside her v----a and extended it towards the, fingering it hard. Using my other fingers to caress her c------s. And she squirted again.

” baby, enter me, enter me please ” she said catching her breath.

I plugged inside her, she let out a little moan. I pounded so aggressively that we moved off the chair to the floor.

She suddenly sat up, pushed me down on my back , climbed and rode me crazily.

I then carried her up with my rod inside of her, hanging her legs on my sides while she held me around the neck kissing hungrily as I pounded. I remained in that position for awhile before she dropped her legs. And turned her back for me holding the wall. I penetrated her from behind, she suddenly started sagging to her knees, I continued harder and I exploded inside her, and she squirted a large one on me. We both sagged on our knees and dropped on the floor breathing heavily.

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