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Danger In Merry- Making


“Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem to be more afraid of life than death.”— James F. Byrnes


[Mike’s Point Of view ]

I could see the attention of the guest turned to the stage.Then I saw my one-and-only sister Rosaline walking gracefully to mount the platform. She was fully clothed in pink straight bare-back gown and a large belt is wrapped around her waist. She had a large diamond necklace around her neck. Her hair was long jetty black, adorned with Tiara at the center of her head.

The Tiara was laced with diamonds sparkling as she moved.The place was quiet as the only thing making noise was the sound of her heels. They both looked splendid. The DJ taped on the play button as Sarkodie and Becca’s song flow into the quiet atmosphere.


I think I have to give you some of the lyrics.

Nana eh, Odo y3wu eei

I will do everything just to make you happy, my king

Nana eh, mama my own

If I ever break your break, you know say na lie, my king….

Gerald held Rosaline’s waist as he moved his bodies to the lyrics of the song…

He signaled the DJ for the micro

phone. The DJ stopped the music and handed the microphone over to him.

The place was as quiet as a cemetery. He said, “Good evening ladies and gentlemen.”

Today is a happy and remarkable day of my life….

Most of you think I’m very happy simply because I’m celebrating my birthday. Off course, it’s important I have a tension-free birthday but the real reason for my happiness is this…”

He pointed towards my sister.

“Now ,I have already done this but that was before the sea and sand with no human being present to witness it. Today I want to do it in the presence of human beings, my friends, parents, the mass media, to prove to her what I told her early on wasn’t a joke.


{Rosaline’s Point Of View }

I never realised Gerald could surprise me on his birthday like that. Before I realized, he knelt before me with a promissory ring, then he became poetic in his love expressions, “My queen, I love you with all my life. You mean the world to me, Please would you be the future mother of my unborn children, Rosaline?”

“I want to take you on the odyssey of love. I would love you with all my heart, soul and Spirit. You are the only one who can truly complement me on this earth and make me a truly fulfilled man.”

My heart is knitted to yours. I need you now and forever.

Allow me to build my world around you with the blocks of love. Surely, you are my heart and my soul, my rose of Sharon, keeper of my heart, I will nestle in your verdant bed of infinite love in this world and the world beyond as long as we both shall live and die.”

I could feel the effects of those beautifully spoken words of poetry Gerald was using to woo me.

On the beach , he wasn’t poetic like that when he proposed to me. I thought he was going to repeat the same words in the presence of the People. Obviously I was wrong.I used to think love was an imaginary figment of fiction enclosed in the world of Romeo and Juliet.

He continued his poetic rhetorics.

“…I will never leave you. I have etched your love in the abode of my heart with the last pigment of blood that flows through my veins. If indeed a thunder should strike me for a lie, I’ll subject myself, a clean slate devoid of lies for these words I speak are truth. Even words cannot fully explain the great expanse of emotion teeming through my innocent heart.

Rosaline, “you are the edges of my soul and the light thrown around me to cast the shadows of danger before my feet.”

Your love has become the power that fuels my existence…”

If I have to be disrespectful to my elders just to prove my love for you, call me a disobedient child whose life is limited as the bible said.”

“…..Your beauty is indescribable, like an angel descending into paradise unblemished.

“Rosaline my love , I can’t speak of ever loving anyone aside you. You are the love of my life and life of my love…”

Gerald gazed into my eye like a fairy tale Prince. The whole scene looked like a fairy tale to me. I asked him,” are you serious about this? ”

Without any hesitation, He said,” yes, yes! Yes!

Then he also asked me,” Will you marry Me?”

I turned around and saw the huge crowd numbering about 1, 200 including media men , his parents, friends, mates, and colleagues. The tension was great. The crowd echoed the words ” SAY YES,!


I opened my mouth and say ……


Then there was pin drop silence among the Party attendees.

Signs of disappointment had already crept onto the faces of some of them.


The Party attendees were stunned for a few minutes. Then there was a loud cheers and rounds of applause from the crowd.

After those words, he put the ring on my ‘ring finger’ of the right hand.

The guests clapped for us as we buried our mouths in kisses..”

Suddenly I hear commotions all around me but I thought it was due to our long kisses. Then I heard a familiar voice telling me to get down , followed by gunshots , BANG!!!,BANG!!! BANG!!!


Where from the Gunshot?

Where was Mike?

Was Rosaline hit?


My dear , EPISODE 27 will provide the answers to this questions and suspense.

I hope the Twist and Turns of this story has not overwhelmed you.

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