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Gerald’s Birthday Party


5. 30 P.M

When it was left with thirty minutes to the Party , I called Cassandra, Thunder and Flexion and told them to escort me to the party at the Governor’s House.

Then there was another call.

“Crreeeeee”, “Brother, are you on your way to the Party?” my sister asked me.

“Yes,” I will soon be on my way.

We arrived at the Governor’s House. Thunder and Flexion packed the car outside the gate.

There were security men all round the house but since we had been invited directly by the Governor, we found it very easy to enter the house.

When we entered the house , the compound was furnished with all kinds of beautiful flowers and different colours of light.

The light reflecting on the flowers changed the nature of the com

pound making it look more kaleidoscopic.

All the men wore suit of different colors.The women were in different kinds of dress, most of them including the maid servants were clothed in half-naked costume.

Some guests also came with their partners.

Some were standing in different corners of the compound kissing and taking pictures.

The compound so big that it could contain over Two-thousand

(2000) guests.

I have been scanning through the guest in search of my sister and her fiance but it was apparent they were not yet around.

I was sure she was in her room putting on makeups.

Hmmm, ladies and their makeups. But it’s funny, some ladies apply makeups and they look like toys or dummies standing in front of a boutique. I turned and looked at Cassandra. She was looking marvellous in her sparkly, flashy dress. It seemed she was the birth

day star lady. Her dress caught everyone’s eyes.

It had a low neckline with a chunky golden necklace. My admiration for her dress was cut short by the Voice of the Master of Ceremony (MC) for the program …..

“Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome all of you for gracing this occasion with your presence.

Make yourself comfortable while we wait for our birthday boy Gerald Bankole to arrive. He will soon be here.For the meantime, Disc Jockey (DJ) let the music flow.”

The first song that was played was wizkid song


Brown skin girl

Your skin just like pearls

The best thing in the world

Never trade you for anybody else

Singin’ brown skin girl

Your skin just like pearls

The best thing in the world

I never trade you for anybody else, singin’…

I turned and looked at Cassandra again. Our eyes met. Then we remembered what happened a few nights ago. As if it was timed ,we both smiled at once. On the seat behind me were my special escorts Thunder and Flexion….”.

The music continued..

…..”She said she really grew up poor like me

Don’t believe in nothin’ but the Almighty

Just a likkle jeans and a pure white tee

She never did forever be nobody wifey, yeah

So while I may not pretty boy, your heart is amiss

Play it like a villain ’cause she caught in a wave

Tonight I am walkin’ away

9 to 5 mind, on the grind, yeah, yeah

Tonight I might fall in love, dependin’ on how you hold me

I’m glad that I’m calmin’ down, can’t let no one come control me

Keep dancin’ and call it love, she fightin’ but fallin’ slowly

If ever you are in…….”

“Ladies and gentlemen let us all rise to welcome Honourable Bankole Clifford, the Governor of Plateau State and his lovely and magnificent wife Monica Bankole Onioke.”

We all stood up as the Governor, his wife and his entourage were ushered to the VVIP Section. The Governor waved at the birthday Attendants. They waved back cheerfully.

Calm returned for about five minutes when the MC prompted us again. It was the moment we were all looking for.

….and now Ladies and gentlemen let’s welcome our birthday boy Gerald Bankole . Here comes the Prince ” The MC announced.

The floor light was thrown to the corner he would be appearing from,

not quite long we saw him walking majestically like a first gentleman mounting a platform.

He moved his steps slowly to the lyrics of Tatiana’s Song titled Helplessly. Gerald looked astonishingly handsome. He was in a dark suit. He wore a dark shoe with dark socks. Immediately he came on stage all the attentions were drawned to him. It was interesting to know that most of the heads that kept turning to gaze at him were females.

Gerald walked and joined his father at the VVIP Section.

Young beautiful female maids served drinks and the motion flow in the background.

Gerald’s mother mounted the platform to give her birthday speech to her son. She faced Gerald and say

“Happy 21st Birthday,Son. I can hardly believe it. Today is your 21st birthday celebration. I find that incredible. I find you incredible. Don’t worry, I won’t get go into details about your childhood period. I’ll only talk about how handsome you are.”

Don’t cringe and roll your eyes just yet. I promise not to flatter you but I won’t also say the childish things you used to do.

But turning 21 is something else. You’re no longer a child. This I know well. I have watched you grow up — literally. Now, today, filled with hopes and dreams, you stand on the verge of becoming a man. A handsome man. And it warms my heart to see you, my beautiful son, blossom before my eyes. You amaze me.

Gerald, today will likely go down as one of the best days of your life. I hope that, some years from now, you will look back and remember this special birthday as a bright and happy moment in your life, with your family and friends there to share wholeheartedly in your joy.”

(She Motioned to the family and friends in the room.)

Your entire family and friends are the most precious gifts you have in life, something you’ll clearly see a little bit later, when you open your 21st birthday presents. Kidding aside, we are your biggest fans and only wish you the best life has to offer. Nothing less, because today is the start of a fun, exciting and rewarding journey for you.

(Turning Back to Gerald )

It’s an honor for me to be a major part your life. You are an extraordinary 21-year-old boy. You have a wonderful quality of independence that I value and respect. The power to achieve is in every nerdy fiber of yours, whether you’re spending hours at the “Geography Club” or obsessing over every aspect of any school project.”

“You are a unique individual with unique tastes, so it gives me great pleasure to know that you have passion for what you do. I also think you have great taste — lots of it, in fact — especially when it comes to fine cuisine or traveling around the world.”

“And you are wonderfully tenacious when you want something, like whenever you try to persuade me to give you a credit card or get you a phone which you finally did…after years and years of trying.”

“Seriously, though, your friends and your family — me, your sister, your brother and your Dad — are so proud of you, because we see so much potential in you and we know that you can do anything you really want, because unlike so many other kids your age, you know what you want to do in life.”

” You really want to sink your teeth into a whole world of possibilities, and that makes us happy because we know you will never leave anyone down.”

“Gerald, although you know 100% what path you will ultimately choose in life, we hold you in our hearts for not what you will do but for the way you will do it.”

“We know you will be yourself. You will be brave. You will be honest. You will be kind. You will never give up. You are — and will be — an inspiration to all of us.”

(Facing the birthday party guests again)

I’m sure everyone here shares my sense of joy in watching this wonderful son of mine grow into one of the finest gentleman Nigeria had ever seen. We all can bear witness to how he spread his wings, take the flight and reach for the sky. We’ve all seen what this handsome soul can do.

(Turning back to Gerald )

“You are a gift to all the lives you’ve touched. You fill my heart with happiness. I’m so grateful I’ve been blessed to know a wonderful person like you. If you were a diamond, you would be the most radiant and precious the world over.”

“Always be that shiny and loving son you are now! Remember that you always have me, your family and your friends to support you.”

(Facing the birthday party guests again — and raising her glass towards Gerald, so that others will follow)

“Now, ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses and join me in a toast to this remarkable, young man.”

[Facing Gerald again]

“We’ve gathered here to tell you,

Just how much you mean to us,

That’s why we’re toasting you today,

And why we’re making such a fuss.

Today we wish you all the best,

You deserve it more than most,

Here’s to a very handsome soul,

Our love and this happy birthday toast.”

“Gerald , may your 21st birthday be as unforgettable as you’ve made all our lives with your kindness and joy (in other words, as unforgettable as you).”

“Now let’s all drink up and enjoy the rest of the night!”

There was a loud round of applause to Monica for such inspirational and stupendous Birthday speech.

Gerald was then invited to walk to the high table. He walked towards the table where the cake was nicely decorated with red, white and pink colour.

” It is now time for our Birthday boy to cut the cake, before that, let’s us sing from our heart a happy birthday song,” the MC said.


All the guests began to song.

Happy birthday

To you

Happy birthday

To Gerald

Happy birthday to you

How old are you now?….

(Gerald answered )

I’m 21 years old now….

Am 21years old now…

I’m 21 years old now….

Am 21 years old now

The crowd took it from there

May God bless you now

May God bless you now

May God bless you now

May God bless you now…..

They all clapped after the song.

He was given a small knife and slowly he cut the cake.

After that, the floor was opened for people to dance. Lovers began to mount the floor. Others were already dancing and kissing.

The media men and women from the various Radio and T.V Stations were around like– 90.9 – Capital Sounds FM, 91.7 Liberty Radio

(English) Kaduna.Galaxy TV,

Silverbird TV,Delta Broadcasting Service.

Gerald signalled to the MC and whispered something into his ears.

“Ladies and gentlemen, ” the birthday boy have an announcement to make.


Which Announcement was that?

What happens next.

Watch out for EPISODE 26.

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