The Faintest Dawns

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Comparing himself to the other well dressed job applicants that sat in the waiting room, James looked at his worn out sandals, patched pants, desquamated belt, outgrown faded short sleeve shirt with incomplete buttons, his vintage neck tie given to him years ago by luck and a brown rectangular bag patched on every sides.

The only edges he had over other applicants were his looks, James had always been a very handsome fellow, while he was still in the University, girls flocked around him like birds on a nest despite the fact that he was desolate. James was an orphan but a determined one. He always managed to feed off his several girlfriends and pay his bills in school.

Now, James had settled down and was married to Victoria, a woman on the same level as he was was, desolate like him all because of love. He had two mouths to feed, his wife’s and his six year old daughter’s.


The Faintest Dawns - S01

1 week ago