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(Am a princess yet am a prisoner)


Have you ever been in a situation where you are a princess yet you live like a prisoner

A situation where you are not allowed to make decisions for yourself?

A situation where you are being controlled

You can’t do anything on your own

Yet you are a princess

If you haven’t then you will read of one..


Her name is Janella Dantes..

The only daughter and heiress of the second richest family all over Philippines.

Yes! Janella is a princess… But she’s a prisoner as well..

I know you are confused but don’t be….

And some questions are running through your mind right?

She has everything….

I mean practically everything she wanted but one thing she doesn’t have.

And that is FREEDOM

A princess yet locked up!

She doesn’t school like every normal child…

Her life was hell when she lives in heaven.

Buh wait oo

How come?


Prisoner - S01

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