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I asked quickly,

my question caught her

Unawares,she blinked twice and

gulped for air. “your..father broke it when you

were at jail”

the hairs at the back of my neck


Papa did what

I am damned.

”some people are pighead o”

Brother justice retorted,We were

both relaxing over a bottle of

guiness malt after the day’s field


Brother justice was from Umuna congregration and we had been

paired together.

He was a jolly good fellow but the

problem he had was his

aggresiveness,he would go to any

length to score his point even if it means talking till his neck veins

popped out and beads of

perspiration rolled down his


‘yes o’I agreed,nodding like an

agama lizard. The day’s field service had left us

breathless after minutes of trying

to lay emphasis to two religious

fanatics that there was no where in

the bible were ‘HELLFIRE’ was

written. You may see Hell or Hades but you wouldnt see


Hades otherwise known as HELL

is a state of Unconciousness, The

bible itself had said ‘THE WAGES


really exist that verse would simply

be written as ‘THE WAGES OF


Now tell me why the much loving

father would cast his children into

a place of Endless torment.How fair is that?

Even you as a human if you had

an ever offending child would you

punish the child forever?

The fanatics had concluded that

we were religious zealots that specialize in turning the bible

upside down.

And so we left not after spending

some minutes trying to explain to

this duo.

Our next stop wasnt that nice,the first question we were asked was

that why we don’t pray.

Brother justice took the lead,he

asked them how many times in the

bible that jesus prayed before

teaching? When I saw that his temper was

getting out of hand I nudged him

and took the reins,i told them that

we do pray and I explained that it

wasnt compulsory that we would

pray whenever we enter any house.

We left after dropping few copies

of awake with the title ‘what do

people say about God’.

The topic was delicate and that

was why we had encounter so many questionaires.

Anyway our next stop was the

worst,they slammed the door on

our faces and we quietly walked

away.*We started talking about the

regular pioneers in our various

congregration,brother justice was

from Umuna congregration while i

was from ezeala congregration,we

compared and combined,one thing led to another and before one

could say ‘julius caesar’ we were

talking about the females in our

congregrations that were doing

good and those that were a shame.

He mentioned ‘chioma akunna’ and my heartbeat accelerated,i

pretended i didnt know who she

was and I told him to go into

descriptive details.

By the time he was through i knew

he was refering to chioma my girlfriend.

‘ehen what about her?’ I asked as

if i wasnt keen about knowing her


‘that girl is a shame to

Us,nothwitstanding the fact that her father is an elder in our

congregration she sleeps with

every d_ick that comes her way”

“how do you know that? The way

you described her i believe i may

know her” i remarked. “am surprise that you havent heard

of her escapades,am sure she is

going to be disfellowed very soon”

I shrugged like i didnt give a d--n

while within me i was boiling in

rage. “how do you know all this about

this chioma?” i asked,nonchalantly.

“nwanna,i have seen it with my two

kro_kro (Unclad) eyes,that girl is a


he spat out,i was surprised that he so much despised her.

In my eyes,chioma was a sweet

girl to be with.

What about in other eyes?

After he left i went into my

room,bolted the door and cried like a baby.

To Be Continued...

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