Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E52

11 months ago

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Am not chioma that borrowed

money from you.it is between the

both of you”i remarked.

She wringled her hand “isnt there

any way you can help me,even if it

is half of the amount”she said. Haa! I knew it was coming to that.

“oge you werent the only one my

sister duped,she also duped me of

my hard earned forty thousand

naira.if not for the fact that she is

my sister i would have said it wouldnt be well with her and her

family”i retorted scaldly.

Her brows curved in a frown,we

sat quiet listening to the tick-tick of

the grandfather clock.

Ogechi was absorbed in her thoughts,so also was I.

A knock at the door brought us out

from our reverie.

“who is that”i asked,moving

towards the door.

I stood immovable when i opened the door,it seemed i had lost my


it was chioma,she was dressed in

a blue chiffon gown that showed

her cleavage,my gaze lingered on

the two appetising m----s that reminded me of fresh apples.

Chioma blushed and tugged at the

gown appropriately.

“good afternoon”she greeted at


I smiled in a

acknowledgement and took her right hand.

“you look beautiful”

she blushed again “thank you”she

mumbled as she threw a step

ahead,i led her into the sitting

room,my heart pounded loudly. I expected the worst as we fully

entered the parlour. I gave chioma’s hand a tight

squeeze as we fully

entered,ogechi lifted her head up

and immediately i felt chioma tense


The situation was awkward,it was better seen than imagined.

I cleared my throat.

“oge erm you know chioma..” i


“you didnt tell me you were

expecting a visitor,anyway am on my way”she stood up and picked

her purse.

As she passed us on her way out

she hissed,obviously green with


I heaved a sigh of relief and led chioma to the sofa.

She sat down quietly

“are you quarreling with oge?” i

found myself asking.

“no”she hurriedly replied her eyes

darting around the room. I stood still,staring at her beautiful

form,her tempting red lip which

was directly below her aqualine


“is that you there?” her question

brought me back to my senses. She was pointin to one of my pictue

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