Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E51

11 months ago

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Nkeiru sighed helplessly when she

saw I wasnt in a joking mood.

“Emmy are we quarelling?” she

asked in a timid voice.

“we are not”i snapped.

“just hurry and tell me what brought you here,as you can see i

have a lot of things to do” i


“Emmy abortion is not the best

option here,i thought you loved me

enough and would love to keep the baby”.

“i never said i dont love you”i

remarked hotly.

“then why acting this way? Action

speaks better than words. Anyway

I came here to tell you that I have decided to keep the baby”

“good for you but dont expect any

dime from me.nkeiru am not ready

to settle down yet,you have to

understand me.

My father is a pain in the ass.i want to build my own house,be

independent.i dont what to give that

old man an upper hand in my life”

“i know..”she paused and stared at

her long manicured nails.

“is there anything else i need to know?”i asked,dropping my hands

from my chest.

“yes”she replied and stood up.

“I will be leaving for lagos soon,i

heard there are better paying jobs

there and that place people wouldnt query me much when I

give birth without a man by my


i stood speechless just as she

embraced me tightly,i breathed in

her fragrance,the lovely ‘rexona’ perfume.

“take care”i mumbled as she

walked out of my shop.


two weeks later,i was going steady

with chioma,there was no passing day that i didnt calll her.my love for

her was at it peak.

It was that kind of love that made

you do crazy things,i hadnt invited

her to my home yet because I

wanted to lie low for the moment,infact i wanted to act like a

down to earth gentleman and all

this was because of a girl.

I hadnt told ogechi that i was dating

her friend chioma,i know ladies too

well,she may start an ugly scene. For the past two weeks she had

been calling me consistently,i

hadnt discouraged her neither had i

encouraged her.

It was just a matter of time’ i kept

telling myself. She would soon read the

handwriting on the door.

The day i invited chioma to my

home was a day I wouldnt forget in

my life.i had taken all measures to

make her feel at home in my place. I woke up in the morning and

started cleaning up my room that

had been a total mess for the past

week,washed my bedsheets,tidied

the room,washed the daperies and

applied sunfresh air freshener in the room.

I hoped everything would turn out

well as i had planned.I was in my room performing

press-up to build up my biceps

when sabina knocked at the door

and informed me ogechi was at the

parlour waiting for me.

I felt a pang of momentary fear,that kind of fear that makes

one to wet thier shorts.

“what is she doing here?”i asked

myself as i dashed into the

bathroom and splashed some

water on my sweaty body. Ogechi was flipping through a

fashion magazine when i entered

the sitting room.she looked up with

a smile plastered on her face.

“how are you” i asked as i sat on

the sofa opposite her. “am fine”she replied.

I kept quiet,wondering what

brought her here.

“Emmy i came to ask if you have

been hearing from chioma your

sister” i took a deep breath,happy that she

hadnt raised the issue of love.

“no”i replied curtly.

“you see i need that money

urgently”she retorted.

I smiled sadly “oge you are with my sister’s number,why not call

her?”i asked

“i have been doing so but it isnt


i sighed helplessly

“what then do u want me to do

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