Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E49

11 months ago

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I felt triggered by what i saw.

What had turned mama into a

walking skeleton..I pondered as i perched on the bedside table while

mama lowered her bulk on the bed.

“mama whats happening?” i found

myself asking,i couldnt stop the

words from flowing out.

She sighed “what do you mean by what is happening?” she asked in

a weak voice.

“you look emaciated”

“thats how i should look,do you

think i ate during those days you

were in jail..no,it is only a heartless woman that will feel comfortable

while her son is in jail”she paused

and busied herself with arranging

the ruffled bedsheets.

“mama am sorry for all you have

been through because of me,am forever indebted to you” i said with


“it is alright”she assured me with a

wane smile that didnt show in her


I silently sat beside her,fearing the worse.

I knew mama didnt come all the

way to my room for a petty

conversation about jail.

What was it that she couldnt

stomach again?? Papa of course

The day turned out bad for

me,mama had filled my head with

papa’s unjust treatment to her,i

just wished i could lay my hands

on him,but my been a jehovah

withness restrained me from doing so.


I had taken my first official outing

after been fed up with staying

indoor,i put on a fresh lux

singlet,navy blue chinos trouser and a white striped vest.

I had barely stepped into the street

when I bumped into a young

girl,the basin of raw eggs she was

carrying on her head collapsed and

the surrounding floor became a total mess.

“am really sorry please” i


The young girl Ignored me and

picked up the basin.

“how much is the total amount of the eggs?” i asked,fishing into my

back trouser pocket for my wallet.

“two thousand naira,i just bought it

from that woman’s stall”she


I smiled and swallowed,two thousand naire gone gone go!!

As I gave her the money i thought

about what I would have

purchased with those two clean

white notes.

She thanked me and zoomed off while i continued walking.

I had

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