Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E44

1 year ago

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“my dear..jehovah is indeed a

great God,he touched the DPO

heart,i have been coming here

everyday,pleading and pleading but he refused to grant my request.

So i took the cue and sent your

sister a text message and today i


“so you mean chioma’s number is

now reachable” i interupted. “yes..but she still refused to pick

my calls”mama replied and

shrugged her shoulder.

“am sorry for all you went through

because of me mama,i owe

everything to you” i quietly said. She patted my right arm.

“nnaemeka it is alright,you are my

son and i cant leave you to rot in


“but papa did that”i pointed out.

She sighed and frowned fleetingly.”some things are better

left unsaid”

my favorite dish _well pounded

fufu and okra soup_was already

on the dining table when i came out

of the bathroom after spending

nearly half an hour there. I opened the dish and fell to the

sumptous meal,savouring each

morsel, i ate like i had fasted for

forty days.i was washing my

hands after the meal when a knock

sounded on the front door. “sabina! Go and check who is at

the door” i called out and she

dashed out of the kitchen hurrying

towards the front door.

She came back just as i was

standing up,I noticed the funny look on her face.

“who is that?”i asked.

“a youngwoman,she said her name

is nkeiru”

my heart sanked!!!

“and that she is looking for you”sabina concluded.

I sighed..

What have i become ??

One week-one trouble.

The first thing i noticed about

nkeiru was the way she looked,she had emaciated a great


Or was my eyes playing tricks on

me ?.

“emmy”she half yelled and

bounced into my arms,i wasnt prepared for this…i staggered.

“nke babe,is alright,come inside” i

led her straight to my room,i knew

who my father was,i knew what he

was capable of doing.

I knew he wouldnt look at nkeiru favourably,she was dressed in

white top over blue jean trouser

and my parents spoke ill of those

females who wore trouser.

“emmy what happened?”nkeiru

asked with a worried look on her face.

“nothing bad”

“i have been calling your line and it

isnt reachable…”

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