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But Thor just sat there, staring at his food. He felt his whole life dissolving around him. He didn’t know what to do.

He could still think of nothing but his dream. It was like being in a waking nightmare, sitting there, watching everyone drink and feast around him. All he could do was watch all the drinks, all the goblets, heading for the King. He watched closely every server, every goblet of wine. Every time the King drank, Thor flinched.

Thor was obsessed. He could not look away. He watched and watched for what felt like hours.

Finally, Thor spotted one particular servant who approached the King with a goblet unlike the others. It was large, made of very distinct gold, covered in rows of rubies and sapphires.

It was the exact goblet from Thor’s dream.

Thor, his heart pounding in his chest, watched with horror as the servant came closer to the King. When he was just feet away, Thor could stand it no longer. Every ounce of his body screamed this was the poisoned goblet.

Thor leapt from his table, shoved his way through the thick crowd, roughly elbowing everyone in his way.

Just as the King took the goblet into his hands, Thor leapt up onto his table, reached out, and slapped the goblet from the King’s hands.

A horrified gasp filled the entire hall as the goblet flew threw the air and landed on the stone with a hard clink.

The entire hall went dead silent. Every musician, every juggler, stopped. Hundreds of men and women all turned and stared.

The King slowly stood and glowered down at Thor.

“How dare you!” shrieked the King. “You insolent little boy! I will put you in the stocks for this!”

Thor stood there, horrified. He felt the entire world crashing down on him. He just wanted to disappear.

Suddenly, a hound walked over to the puddle of wine now forming on the floor, and lapped it up. Before Thor could respond, before the room could move again, all eyes went to the hound, who started making awful, horrible noises.

A moment later, the hound froze up and fell on its side, dead. The entire room looked at the dog with a horrified gasp.

“You knew the drink was poison!” yelled a voice.

Thor turned and saw the Prince Gareth standing there, coming up beside the King, pointing accusingly at Thor.

“How could you have possibly have known it was poisoned? Unless you are the one who did it! Thor tried to poison the King!” Gareth yelled out.

The entire crowd cheered in outrage.

“Take him to the dungeon,” the King commanded.

A moment later, Thor felt guards grabbing him hard from behind, dragging him through the hall. He squirmed, and tried to protest.

“No!” he screamed out. “You don’t understand!”

But no one listened. He was dragged through the crowd, fast and quick, and as he went, he watched them all disappear from him, his whole life disappear from him. They crossed the hall and out a side door, the door slamming shut behind them.

It was quiet here. A moment later, Thor felt himself descending. He was being pulled by several hands down a winding stone staircase. It grew darker and darker, and soon he could hear the cries of prisoners.

An iron cell door opened, and he realized where he was being taken. The dungeon.

He squirmed, trying to protest, to break free.

“You don’t understand!” he yelled.

Thor looked up and saw a guard step forward, a large, crude man with an unshaven face and yellow teeth.

He scowled down at Thor.

“Oh, I understand very well,” came his raspy voice.

He pulled back his arm, and the last thing Thor saw was his fist, coming down right for his face.

Then his world was blackness.

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