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Thor saw himself standing at the top of a mountain, staring out over the entire kingdom of the Ring. Before him was King’s Court, the castle, the fortifications, the gardens, the trees, and rolling hills as far as he could see—all in the full bloom of summer. The fields were filled with fruits and colored flowers, and there was the sound of music and festivities.

But as Thor turned slowly, surveying everything, the grass began to turn black. Fruits fell off the trees. Then the trees themselves shriveled up to nothing. All the flowers dried up to crisps, and, to his horror, one building after the next crumbled, until the entire kingdom was nothing but desolation, heaps of rubble and stone.

Thor looked down and suddenly saw a huge Whiteback slithering between his feet. He stood there, helpless, as it coiled around his legs, then his waist, then his arms. He felt himself being suffocated, the life squeezed out of him, as the snake coiled all the way around and stared at him in the face, inches away, hissing, its long tongue nearly touching Thor’s cheek. And then it opened its mouth wide, revealing huge fangs, leaned forward, and swallowed Thor’s face.

Thor shrieked, then found himself standing alone inside the King’s castle. It was completely empty, no throne left where one used to be. The Destiny Sword lay on the ground, untouched. The windows were all shattered, stained glass lying in heaps on the stone. He heard distant music, turned toward the sound, and walked through empty room after empty room. Finally he reached huge double doors, a hundred feet tall, and opened them with all his might.

Thor stood at the entrance to the royal feasting hall. Before him two long feasting tables stretched across the room, overflowing with food—yet empty of men. At the far end of the hall was one man. King MacGil. He sat on his throne, staring right at Thor. He seemed so far away.

Thor felt he had to reach him. He began to walk across the great room toward him, between the two feasting tables. As he went, all the food on either side of him went bad, becoming rotten with each step he took, turning black and immediately covered with flies. Flies buzzed and swarmed all around him, tearing apart the food.

Thor walked faster. The King was getting close now, hardly ten feet away, when a servant appeared out of a side chamber carrying a huge, golden goblet of wine. It was a distinctive goblet, made of solid gold and covered in rows of rubies and sapphires. While the King wasn’t looking, Thor saw the servant slip a white powder into the goblet. Thor realized it was poison.

The servant brought it closer, and MacGil reached down and grabbed it with both hands.

“No!” Thor screamed.

Thor lunged forward, trying to knock the wine away from the King.

But he was not fast enough. MacGil drank the wine in big gulps. It poured down his cheeks, down his chest, as he finished it.

MacGil turned and looked at Thor, and his eyes opened wide. He reached up and grabbed his throat until, gagging, he keeled over and fell off his throne; he fell sideways, landing on the hard stone floor. His crown rolled off it, hit the stone floor with a clang, and rolled several feet.

He lay there, motionless, eyes open, dead.

Estopheles swooped down, landed on MacGil’s head. It sat there, looked right at Thor, and screeched. The sound was so shrill, it sent a shiver up Thor’s spine.

“No!” Thor screamed.


Thor woke screaming.

He sat up, looking all around, sweating, breathing hard, trying to figure out where he was. He was still lying on the ground, on Argon’s mountain. He must have fallen asleep here. The fog was gone, and as he looked up he saw that it was daybreak. A blood-red sun was breaking over the horizon, lighting up the day. Beside him, Krohn whined, jumped into his lap, and licked his face.

Thor hugged Krohn with one hand as he breathed hard, trying to figure out if he was awake or asleep. It took him a long time to realize it had just been a dream. It had felt so real.

Thor heard a screech and turned to see Estopheles perched on a rock, just a foot away. The large bird looked right at him and screeched, again and again.

The sound sent a chill up Thor’s spine. It was the same screech from his dream, and at that moment he knew, with every ounce of his body, that the dream had been a message.

The King was going to be poisoned.

Thor jumped to his feet and, in the breaking light of dawn, sprinted down the mountain, heading for King’s Court. He had to get to the King. He had to warn him. The King might think he was crazy, but he had no choice—he would do whatever he could to save the King’s life.


Thor raced across the drawbridge, sprinting for the castle’s outer gate, and luckily, the two guards recognized him from the Legion. They let him through without stopping, and he continued running, Krohn by his side.

Thor sprinted across the royal courtyard, past the fountains, and ran right to the inner gate of the King’s castle. There stood four guards blocking his way.

Thor stopped, gasping for air.

“What is your purpose, boy?” one of them asked.

“You don’t understand, you have to let me in,” Thor gasped. “I need to see the King.”

The guards looked at each other, skeptical.

“I am Thorgrin, of the King’s Legion. You must let me through.”

“I know who he is,” one guard said to the other. “He’s one of us.”

But the lead guard stepped forward.

“What business have you with the King?” he pressed.

Thor still fought to catch his breath.

“Very urgent business. I must see him at once.”

“Well, he must not be expecting you, because you are ill informed. Our King is not here. He left with his caravan hours ago, on court business. They won’t be returning until tonight, until the royal feast.”

“Feast?” Thor asked, his heart thumping. He remembered his dream, the feasting tables, and eerily felt it all coming to life.

“Yes, feast. If you are of the Legion, I am sure you will be there. But now he is gone, and there is no way you can see him. Come back tonight, with the others.”

“But I must get him a message!” Thor insisted. “Before the feast!”

“You can leave the message with me if you like. But I can’t deliver it any sooner than you.”

Thor did not want to leave such a message with a guard; he realized it would seem crazy. He had to deliver it himself, tonight, before the feast. He only prayed it would not be too late.

End of chapter twenty six

Guys, I may not be able to update the remaining chapter (about 2-4) until the weekend or so, so please bear with me, Part 1 is about to finish, and the story consists of 13 series, so I will need about 3-5 volunteers who will be in charge of each series Story isn’t mine BTW, and I no dey do ahun(stinginess), so let me share it around

Until then…

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