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Thor flushed, realizing he had said too much. He didn’t know what to say.

“I was not alone,” he said.

“And who were you with?”

Thor bit his tongue, not knowing how much to say. After all, this man was close to her father, the King, and perhaps he would tell.

“I don’t see how that is relevant to the snake.”

“It is entirely relevant. Have you not wondered if that is why the snake came to begin with?”

Thor was caught completely off guard.

“I don’t understand,” he said.

“Not every omen you see is meant for you. Some are meant for others.”

Thor examined Argon in the dim light, starting to understand. Was Gwen fated for something evil? And if so, could he stop it?

“Can you change fate?” Thor asked.

Argon turned, slowly crossing his room.

“Of course, that is the question we have been asking for centuries,” Argon replied. “Can fate be changed? On the one hand, everything is destined, everything is written. On the other hand, we have free will. Our choices also determine our fate. It seems impossible for these two—destiny and free will—to live together, side by side, yet they do. It is where these two intercede—where destiny meets free will—that human behavior comes into play.

Destiny can’t always be broken, but sometimes it can be bent, or even changed, by a great sacrifice and a great force of free will. Yet most of the time, destiny is firm. Most of the time, we are just bystanders, put here to watch it play out. We think we play a part in it, but usually we don’t. We are mostly observers, not participants.”

“So then why does the universe bother showing us omens, if there’s nothing we can do about them?” Thor asked.

Argon turned and smiled.

“You are quick, boy, I will give you that. Mostly, we are shown omens to prepare ourselves. We are shown our fate to give us time to prepare. Sometimes, rarely, we are given an omen to enable us to take action, to change what will be. But this is very rare.”

“Is it true that the Whiteback foretells death?”

Argon examined him.

“It is,” he said, finally. “Without fail.”

Thor’s heart pounded at the response, at the confirmation of his fears. He was also surprised by Argon’s straightforward response.

“I encountered one today,” Thor said, “but I don’t know who will die. Or if there is some action I can take to prevent it. I want to put it out of my mind, but I cannot. Always, that image of the snake’s head is with me. Why?”

Argon examined him a very long time, and sighed.

“Because whoever will die, it will affect you directly. It will affect your destiny.”

Thor was increasingly agitated; he felt that every answer bred more questions.

“But that’s not fair,” Thor said. “I need to know who it is that will die. I need to warn them!”

Slowly, Argon shook his head.

“It may not be for you to know,” he answered. “And if you do know, there may still be nothing you can do about it. Death finds its subject—even if someone is warned.”

“Then why was I shown this?” Thor asked, tormented. “And why can’t I get it from my head?”

Argon stepped forward, so close, inches away; the intensity of his eyes burned bright in this dim place, and it frightened Thor. It was like looking into the sun, and it was all he could do not to look away. Argon raised a hand and placed it on Thor’s shoulder. It was ice to the touch and sent a chill through him.

“You are young,” Argon said, slowly. “You are still learning. You feel things too deeply. Seeing the future is a great reward. But it can also be a great curse. Most humans who live out their destiny have no awareness of it. Sometimes the most painful thing is to be aware of your destiny, of what will be. You have not even begun to understand your powers. But you will. One day. Once you understand where you are from.”

“Where I’m from?” Thor asked, confused.

“Your mother’s home. Far from here. Beyond the Canyon, on the outer reaches of the Wilds. There is a castle, high up in the sky. It sits alone on a cliff, and to reach it, you walk along a winding stone road. It is a magical road—like ascending into the sky itself. It is a place of profound power. That is where you hail from. Until you reach that place, you will never fully understand. Once you do, all your questions will be answered.”

Thor blinked, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself, to his amazement, standing outside Argon’s dwelling. He had no idea how he got here.

The wind whipped through the rocky crag, and Thor squinted at the harsh sunlight. Beside him stood Krohn, whining.

Thor went back to Argon’s door and pounded on it with all his might. There came nothing but silence in return.

“Argon!” Thor screamed.

He was answered only by the whistling of the wind.

He tried the door, even putting his shoulder to it—but it would not budge.

Thor waited a long time—he was not sure how long—until finally the day grew late. Finally, he realized that his time here was over.

He turned and began to walk back down the rocky slope, wondering. He felt more confused than ever, and also felt more certain that a death was coming—yet more helpless to stop it.As he hiked in that desolate place, he began to feel something cold on his ankles and saw a thick fog forming. It rose, growing thicker and rising higher by the moment. Thor did not understand what was happening. Krohn whined.

Thor tried to speed up, to continue his way back down the mountain, but in moments the fog grew so thick, he could barely see before his eyes. At the same time, he felt his limbs grow heavy, and, as if by magic, the sky grew dark. He felt himself growing exhausted. He could not take another step. He curled up in a ball on the ground, right where he stood, enveloped in the thick fog. He tried to open his eyes, to move, but he could not. In moments, he was fast asleep.

What do you think will happen to Thor? why did Argon refuse to tell Thor more about what he wants to know?, what’s Argon relationship with Thor?

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