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Execution of Tasks


. “ A good plan,violently executed

now is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.” George Patton. …


[ Third Person point of View ]

In Nigeria

Having being fully equipped with the necessary tools, Mike decided to execute his next task.

Task #2 : Exacting Vengeance on the enemies of Mike’s gang.

Mike decided to help his gang members who were unfairly treated to get justice. He labelled this injustices ” cases.”

Case#1 : Parental Rejection

The first case involved Persephony, the ICT girl. Her father James rejected her and denied her education. He would rather spend his money on commercial sex workers . Her father was a millionaire and always travel to Dubai, London, USA and China to buy merchandise on a wholesale for distribution to retailers.

Mike asked her what she wanted the gang to do to her father. She said she wanted the gang to teach her father a lesson to be a responsible parent.

Helmer was assigned to execute the case. That evening, she stood by the roadside,pretending to be a prostitute. As expected a black limousine pulled over and the window was rolled down. The man in the car summoned her saying, “come on, beautiful girl, can I hook up with you tonight?”

“Why not?” She said.

‘Your price?”

“6000 Naira” she said.

Well, that’s ok.Hop in, let’s go.

‘My name is James” he said.

That’s a nice name, she managed to say and she told him “I’m Evelyn”

“Wow, nice” he complimented her.

He drove the car and soon they entered his grand mansion. After entering his room , he was in a hurry to get “down to business” with her.

Helmer asked if she could use his washroom and he agreed. When Helmer entered the bathroom, she pressed on the alert button on her wrist and then returned to the bedroom. James grabbed her and was already unto her . She told him she was STD sensitive so he should wear a Condom.

Reluctantly he agreed. After wearing it for a few seconds, he started shouting loudly. The grounded pepper in the Condom had entered his manhood.

Quickly she wore her clothes and told him, “Stop wasting money on prostitutes .Take care of your children.They represent your future. Foolish man.”

James was infuriated. Before he could act,Flexion and Malpass came in.

They gave him a promised form to sign.



The two thugs said they would come back within a week to see the Progression he made.

Then they left. What James didn’t realise was Helmer didn’t use her own face. She was wearing face mask.

A Week Later

As expected,most hardened sinners don’t repent easily. With his money,James employed the services of the police to guard his house.

Unknown to him, the tat gang managed to hack into the police communication system and asked the police guarding his house to return to base as if the instruction was coming from their commander. With the police out of the way, they waited patiently for him.

He came home that night with two hookers to have “fun” with. Helmer and the gang waited for the car to get into the house. They alighted and moved into the room. Soon the joyful sound of ecstasy filled the air. “Emmm,ahhh….”

With Flexion and thunder by her side, Helmer forced the room open. The happy laughter stopped abruptly. He recognised her and say, “You again?”

She answered “yes.” It appears you have not learnt any lesson from our first encounter. Now it’s show time.”

Flexion and thunder caught the two ‘call girls” with him. They were placed on the bed. James was given about 20 strong lashes. The girls were given 10 lashes each. They were warned never to follow him again and allowed to leave.

Thunder said, “you breach our first agreement. Here is another one.

Sign it and don’t make us come here the third time. The third time is death and the police cannot help you. Don’t waste our time.”

They left as he watched them in Amazement.

From that point on James never hire a prostitute. He called his daughter to come home.He’s ready to help her now.

Case # 1 Closed.


Case #2 : Unfair Grade

Malpass was threatened by his lecturer that he will failed his exams unless he have sex with his 55 year old female lecturer.

Malpass’s case was quite rare. There is a generally held motion that it’s usually the male lecturers who harass their female students sexually. In Malpass’ case, it was a female lecturer. Mike consulted his advisor Leo. He suggested Malpass should handle that task. The plan was crafted.

Malpass went back to the Univer

sity to meet his lecturer Mrs. Rosemary Okeke. She was so happy to see him. Soon they began chatting.

Malpass : Madam, is the offer still open?

Mrs. Rosemary : which offer?

Malpass: The offer you gave to me to either sleep with you or fail my exam.

Mrs. Rosemary: Oh,that, YES. You know you are a cute guy and I can’t help it. I thought you say you can’t do it so why the sudden change of mind.

Malpass: W-w-Well. I have a sober reflection on the whole discussion and come to the realisation that if it is sex you want in order to give me the grade I deserve,why not?

Mrs. Rosemary: I know you are a smart guy.

Malpass:hmmm.Am I?

Mrs. Rosemary : Oh,yea. You actually had GRADE A in Environmental studies but your refusal to sleep with me sent your grade to “E.”

Malpass: I see.

Mrs. Rosemary : Can we go and have “fun” now?.

Malpass: Why not. Dr. Rosemary.

Dr. Rosemary Okeke was a happy woman that afternoon. She left what she was doing in her office,took her car,carried Malpass to her house and was preparing herself for action.

She removed her clothes and urged him to do same. “C’mon babe, let’s start the ball rolling.”

Malpass looked at her and felt sad. That was a lecturer who was suppose to be role model and helped him academically. Now, she had made herself a sex clown.

Malpass’ secret camera had recorded all audio and video scenes. He also had an audio record of their discussion in her office. All these were enough to put her at her rightful position.

He said, ” well , Madam,I’m afraid I have to go now.”

“Why?, “she asked, “we have not done anything yet.”

“You mean YOU have not done anything but I did a lot.”

“What is that suppose to mean?” She asked, getting irritated.

He played the audio to her.

Mrs. Rosemary:……I know you are a smart guy.

Malpass :………hmmm.Am I?…

Mrs. Rosemary : …….”Oh,yea. You actually had GRADE A in Environ

mental studies but your refusal to sleep with me sent your grade to “E.”

Malpass: ……I see…..

Mrs. Rosemary : …..Can we go and have “fun” now?……

Malpass: …..Why not. Dr.Rose

mary. …

Malpass told her , “Sorry madam. You have 48 hours to change my grade and give me what I actually deserve. Failure to do that, I will send this audio and video to the media..and you know the consequences and implication of that?”

She was dumbfounded and began begging him . He reiterated his point. “Forty eight hours is all you have.” He opened the door and left.

Within two days, all his results were intact.

Case#2 closed.

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