My WhatsApp Visitor - S01 E47

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We allowed both of them in and they went inside one of the bedrooms, when I looked at my twin brother he has that LWKMD face with me.

I went inside our own room and carry my MP3, on song dey reason how man go wack for that day.

My twin brother came out with two buckets.

Me: wetin you wan do?

Victory: I wan go fetch your brains from tap.

I just allow the mumu pass dey feel the morning vibes, later my older brother came out wearing just boxer with his rod bouncing left and right.

Happy: food dey house?

Me: nothing resemble food for this house oh.

Happy: buy four hungry man size with two hundred naira eggs.

I collect the money with the thought of buying 1, 50naira eggs at the back of my mind, I came out of the house to see my brother coming back from the tap with empty buckets, I dey laugh.

Me: no water, eyaaa!

Victory: them don pop water?

Me: them never pop your sense.

I opened the gate and started looking for stores to buy from, I saw one kiosk that they sold provisions stuffs in, but the person selling is a married woman.

I picked the other store before me were one girl usually sell.

Me: who dey sell?

Seller: wetin you wan buy?

Me: I wan beautiful girl oh.

Seller: she blush talk joor, wetin you wan buy?

She small about sixteen years, those one wey never mature for bed to make noise.

Me: give me three hungry man size and 1, 50naira eggs.

Seller: all for you.

Me: come join me na, I nofit finish am sef another person something

Seller: I dey come, no finish am oh.

She sold the things at cheaper rate and I took it home, I saw my brother coming out of the compound of the girl with massive bumbum with buckets, he dropped the buckets and waited for me at the gate.

Me: where you go fetch that water?

Victory: for this compound, them get well… Who send you message?

I explained everything as we went inside the house, I entered the kitchen and switched on the cylinder, my brother came out. Em nodey use money and food play oh.

Happy: you sabi cook am? fry the eggs oh.

Me: for indomie too? Everybody sabi cook indomie na. I go fry the eggs.

He was reluctant to go back to his visitor if no be say she come am, finally finally I cooked indomie finish and I fried the egg.

I put enough in a breakable plate and put the three fried egg on top, the indomie was looking nice and edible, I put two fork spoon on it, then cover am.

I carry am go the door.

Voice1: assshhh! Ooohhh! manly voice

Voice2: ewoohh! Aahahh! stand up ohh!!

I just dey hear two bass voices, hope someone have not been injured.

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