At the end of every tunnel - S01 E19

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At The Party

Sandra dress in a silver backless gown that reaches just below her knee,she looked dazzling that all the lady inside the party had to hold on to their guys… Everyone was mesmerized by her beauty even Richard had to stop chatting with his friends when he saw her come in…excuse me guys i had to see that girl…is she a human being??? Jerry asked!! Un uhnn she’s a mermaid i think bode answered back..richard just laugh and told the guys not to stress their self coz the girl is about to be their in law!! Wahoo!! Jerry shouted to the hearing of everybody..

Am sorry kind of celebrating here so pls carry on…

*****sandra’s pov*****

When dad told me i had to be in mr james house to the welcome back party they are organizing for richard,i declined because i know the game, he did it for Vanessa before and am not going to be toss around like am just a doll but for peace to reign decided to go and if that stupid jerk frustrated me i would just leave there…. I wore a silver backless gown that reach my knee,the gown is my favorite because it was the one i wore when opeyemi asked me out and the feeling it brings when i wear it calm my heart,i wear a little makeup coz am not those fan of huge makeup after finishing my final touch i made my way downstairs to mum and dad… They both dress in the same color but different material… I was silent all through the ride and when we got there,dad parked and i made my way into the compound,people were just looking at me as if they saw something rather than human being especially the guys i could see a lady pulling her boyfriend to herself and looking me with envy i didn’t let that bothered me coz i get that alot… How re you i heard someone talking to me i turn and greet mrs Irene,she’s always looking beautiful and awesome she’s the only one i like with that crazy girl Hannah but she’s in los Angeles now,irene brought me back when she asked me if i have met richard i said no,we were talking when i sighted the jerk coming towards me… Hi, you’re looking good my sweetheart,i couldn’t even recognize you again,he kept on blabbing rubbish and i had to fake a smile and that’s because of dad or else i would have showed him his place…..

^^^^^^^^^ Richards POV ^^^^^^^^^^^

U don’t know how much happy i am to have you here,i told her she was just smiling,am getting through her i thought..when dad told me am to marry mr Adeniran’s daughter i was glad… I asked her for a dance and she give me her hand and we proceed to the dance floor,i sighted both our parents talking and laughing while looking our direction,i can also hear some of our guests saying we look good together.. Am happy inside me,don’t blame me,who wouldn’t want such a damsel as their lover!!! We danced and out of love i descend my lips on hers, she looked shocked but didn’t pull out i was enjoying the kiss when she bite my lips hard and blood spurt out of my mouth and what she did next shock the hell out of me……..

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