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As we dey waka dey go my house, the girl nearly killed me with gists that I don’t even want to hear, from how girls in the area are easy to corner.

Na only that gist wey I participate the rest I just hmm ehnn…

We got to the front of the gate, the street lights was on and a man that works in oil company in that street is the one that sets and always illuminates the street.

Favy: where ona house na? she ask jamb question when we pass the Yoruba church close to our compound

Me: we don almost reach.

Favy: na this gate? pointing at the black before us

Me: gate na person house, come inside my show you our house.

Both of stepped into the compound and I closed the gate behind us, the occupant of the next beside has light in his apartment, that means his generator is on.

Favy: na the first flat, I don sabi am. I go come tomorrow me wey nodey believe tomorrow

Me: no problem, just come see how the inside dey.

Favy: I nofit see am tomorrow and light no even dey inside.

I opened the door and asked her to come in, the girl do small shakara before she even enter.

She no even fine and she slim with moderate a*ss wey try come out small.

All along my p---k don stand Zouma rock for my boxer.

Immediately she entered I closed the door behind and hugged from behind, I pressed my hard on at her bumbum and kissed her neck.

She wriggled like small snake. I come know say she go soon resist iffa I no act fast.

I grabbed the two big mangoes at her front sharp sharp, I squeeze am very well so that she go confess the sweetness.

Favy: aaahhh!

Me: I whisper to her I get big pr*ick, make we do quicky quicky before them go start to fine you for house.

Em come belike say se*x demon enter her, the way my trouser commot from my waist till now I no know whether na me commot am or not.

She carry my hands put inside her puna since every dark na, I no be fan of s*ex in darkness but the girl come belike person wey don get degree, hope is not what am thinking.

I felt her hand wrapped around my hard dick, I come dey fear which part of her body wey dey touch my body soft like that.

I quickly brought out my phone and switched on the light.

I find her knelt wanting to put my di*ck inside her mouth, aunty b-----b I hail oh!

Favy: off light.

This girl na witch or wetin ni?

I switched off my phone’s flashlight, immediately electric of pleasure runs from my di*ck enter my brain and opened my mouth.

Me: aaahhhh!

I started feeling her tongue around my tip, I nofit recognize my voice again as I dey moan anyhow. I felt her mouth left my dick, the girl bad oh.

Favy got up and I didn’t know how she grabbed my dick, she grabbed my dick and I felt her heavy breathe brushed towards me.

She started rubbing my dick on her clit, later I felt a hand on my shoulder and she thrusted it inside her wet pu*ssy.

My brain no understand the style, I don watch am for porn when a girl and boy standing facing each other banging.

Favy: ooossshhh! moaning*

I grabbed her waist and started pushing back and forward, she held my own two. The smacking sound no be small thing oh.

As we dey jam each other with motion, her brea*sts shoot sweet sensation on my chest.

The knacking just dey make noise kpakpakpa! beads of sweats started forming on my body, her pussy tightened around my hard big di*ck.

Favy: yes! Yes!! Aaahhssshhh she cried out in pleasure shaking

The thing was so sweet as my cum threatened to burst out of my tip, I pulled out immediately and my dick started c*umming.

Me: aahh aahh aahhh!

I cu*mmed on the floor.

Favy: on the light.

When I switched on the flashlight she was looking like someone who didn’t squirt during the se*x section, she don clear all the sweats looking innocent and holy.

Favy: I wan go house.

Me: my escort you.

I started regretting as we were going that I didn’t use co*ndom, we later hugged and I returned back to see my brother eating fried yam and fishs, I quickly pick the head and started chewing.

I took my bath and slept, I was having a good sleep when a knocked landed on my door.

I went to open it and met one fat girl, she just fat anyhow, I come dey wonder who see this one invite for house.

I and my brother are into slim girls, my elder brother Happy showed face.

Improper fraction! This one go oppress person for cowgirl or ride.

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