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Sky:can you explain the accident that

happen today to us now?.he said to pelumi

dropping his bow on the small table close to

his chair.and the others focus on pelumi

with rapt attention.

Pelumi:seven years ago,the bucanneers and

the white tigress crashed in a deadly fight

that shaked the whole of delta state,we

fought for a good one year and half,and we

succeeded in Killing some of their

members,then the capon of the tigress

aligned with the police force and they set us

up,they join forces together and killed all my

members and i surrendered for that was the

only option left for me,then i was arrested

and sentences to life imprisonment.some

months later i was transferred to ogbe

prison here in Benin until i was rescued by

the dragon squad with the rest of us.


swore to avenged the death of my members

with the last drop of my blood.

Sky:this is really serious than i thought.

Pelumi:boss,the the white tigress are not

ordinary cult,they are bound by many rules,i

believe we have the upper hand on them

because you were with us and also because

their leader was not there. they are the most

dreadliest confra in delta and i believe

history is about to repeat itself.

Brenda:but they are just girls na.

Pelumi:just like you are been

underestimated because you are a girl but

deep down we all know that you are the

most dreadliest among us after the boss.

Sky:who is this their leader?.

Pelumi:her name is Diamond.

Sky: (shocked) wait did you just say

Diamond,asin joy Diamond?.**he asked with

his eyes wide open.

Pelumi:yes boss,what happen?,do you know

her?**he asked but sky did not answer him

rather he stood up and started walking to

and fro hitting his hands at interval with

blood thirsty eyes and filled with anger.


Diamond was seating on a couch with a

hemp on her hand smoking away her

patience when Jenny and the other members

rushed into the house which alerted her

immediately and she dropped the hemp on

the table while Jenny sat on the floor and

the others were resting their back on the

wall dropping their guns in the process.

Diamond:Jenny wetting happen to una?.

Jenny:yawa don gas.

Diamond:you no go talk before i go hammer

your face with slap.wey my money?.

Jenny:we collected the money but we were

attacked by a very deadly confra on our way

back. they killed three of our girls,collected

the money and bomb our two cars.

Diamond:what!!,another confra collect my

money and killed my girls for this

country,them no no who we be?**she said

in a loud voice standing up in the process.

Jenny:we are sorry bosset,pelumi was with


Diamond:which of the pelumi is that?.

Jenny: pelumi oladele the leader of the

bucanneers confra that was arrested six

years ago.

Diamond:how did he escape from

prison?.anyway that is not my concern,why

didn’t you kill him?.

Jenny:we tried to hold fire with them and

they were feeling the hit when a wierd guy

whose hair were touching the ground

busted out of no where. and he was holding

a bow and explosive arrow as his weapon.

Diamond:did you just say a bow and arrow?.

Jenny:yes bosset,you know i can never lie to

you.they called thereself the dragon squad.

Diamond:what!!,the dragon squad?**she

exclaimed and sat down on the couch.”but

how?,they were suppose to be long gone by

now”**she exclaimed.

Jenny:bosset do you know them?**she

asked and the others focused their attention

on diamond cos of the way she reacted.

Mary:bosset who are they?.

Diamond:yes i do know them before but not


Jenny:what do you mean?.

Diamond:the war that just started now is

not gonna be easy and it is more worst now

that a revenge mission is also at hand cos

they believe that forgiveness is a is a

very long story but i will break it down for

you guys…….


the d.p.o and sergeant tony walk into the

hospital,fortunately for them they saw the

doctor coming out of a ward and they

stopped him.

D.p.o:good afternoon doctor,am the deputy

police officer in charge of ugbor division

and we are the people that brought the

three guys in.

Doctor: oh am doctor mike,that is so kind of

you well lets go to my office for a brief



D.p.o:so how is the situation at hand?.

Doctor mike:well they were not dead they

were just sleeping.

Sergent:sleeping!!,then how come their

pulse seized?.

Doctor:we have done a lab check on them

and we find out that they were injected

with flouthene chemical and it was meant to

make them sleep for a long period of hours

probably 52 hours or more,we have

successfully washed the chemical out of

there system and they will soon be fine in

few hours from now.**he said and both the

sergeant and the d.p.o look perplexed.

D.p.o:you mean there is no sign of bullet on


Doctor:no there is no bullet.

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