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D.p.o:how on earth will you do such a

thing?,as a sergeant you should know that

in police work we are bound to have an

attack at anytime.

Sergeant:am very sorry sir,please pardon

me,actually this was not the first time am

locking the weapon room i never knew that

it will happen.

D.p.o:that is ok,have you gone to his house?.

Sergeant:yes sir,i was told by his neighbours

that he and his family where no where to be

find when they wake up this morning.

D.p.o:hmmm,he was suppose to aid us in

the arrest of those hoodlums,make sure you

comb this whole state and fetch him out.

Sergeant:yes sir.**he said and they all left

the office.

D.p.o:this is really too much for me,i pray the

sarz members come on time before this

people will come for my head**he said in

his mind.


a black lexus jeep was seen passing through

the b.i.u road toward ugbor,suddenly a

white camery burst out from it front and

another stop at it back preventing it from

going forward or backward.

They came down all wearing white with

heavy guns in there hands.

Jenny:where is the money?**she asked

using her leg to hit the three guys who

were already lying down on the floor.but

they were unable to speak rather they were

shaking like epileptic patient due to


then Jenny pressed a little button

in the white ring on her finger and a little

pin came out which she dip into the guys

neck one after the other and they slept off


“search for the money we no get time”she

commanded and two of the girls went

forward and ransacked the jeep they

remove the money in no distant time and

they rushed into their car and zoom off with


Just then,the dragon squad got to the

scene,unfortunately for the tigress pelumi

saw the two camry going in speed.

Pelumi: Patrick pursue those white cars they

are going with our money**he said

authoritatively to Patrick who was at the

wheel.Patrick accelerate the car speed and

run after them and he overtake them at the

front in no distant time.

Jenny:who be this ones again,come wetting

una dey find na**she shouted inside the


Mary: i tire for them o**a girl who was

driving the car said.

The dragon squad came down including

pelumi.seeing him,the tigress were shocked

and it was written all over their faces.

Jenny: pelumi oladele,you again?.

Pelumi:well it is good that you still

remember me,that is really great cos it will

save me the stress for explanation.

The other dragon members were surprised

at the turn out of event and they were

looking at both of them with stunned


Ezra: pelumi who are they?.**he asked but

pelumi did not answer him rather he faced

Jenny with blood thirsty eyes.

Pelumi:something that belong to the dragon

squad is in your possession,bring it out now

or we take it the hard way.

Jenny:you and your gang were unable to

defeat us 6 years ago what make you think

you can do it now?**she said and use her

hand to signify her girls to take cover

behind the cars which they did.

Seeing that the dragon squad did the same

and a gun battle ensured.they were

shooting sporadically and the glass of both

cars where been shattered but it was more

on the dragons squad side cos the tigress

where more many than them and they were

shooting at them with their full force.

Suddenly a red jeep was seen driving to the

scene in hot speed and sky came out from it

with arrow position well on the first tigress

car at the front then he shoot at it.seeing

the incoming arrow coming Jenny and some

other girls that take cover on the car jumped

into a gutter but it was too late for the two

girls at the back as they were shattered

along with the car. when the occupant in the

second car saw what happen to the first car

they rushed and pick the money in the

second car with the aim of running away

through the back. pelumi activate the eagle

vision in his sniper and place it close to his

eyes then he sniped the girl with the money

dead,jenny tried to pick the money up when

a knive went straight to her hand and she

ran away with the knive buried deep in her

hand leaving the money behind and the

others continue shooting while running.

Ezra:lets not just stand here lets pursue

them and kill them all.

Pelumi:no,lets leave them,they should go and

deliver the message to their leader.**he said

walking back to the car but stopped when

sky approach them.

Sky:Ezra get the money lets leave this

place**he said and faced pelumi.”i hope you

are ready to explain to us when we get to

the den?

Pelumi:yes boss i think it is time but boss

how did you know that we were in trouble?.

Brenda:i texted him in the car before i came

down when i saw the blood thirst in your


Pelumi:you did great cos we might have

been dead by now if u did not do it.

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