Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E35

1 month ago

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”does this boy work here?”stanley


”no he doesnt”the waiter

replied,shaking his head.

”then tell him to get out of my way before I kick his ass”

”whose ass?”i queried,from the corner

of my eyes I noticed chuka and his

friends approaching Us.

”yours of course”stanley snapped.

I smiled ”you are going nowhere with my sister,Enough of you and your

charms”I yelled.

”sister?”the waiter echoed

”dont mind the dumb ass,he is drunk

so he doesnt know who his sister is

again,this is my wife,do I need to prove it to you? Check the ring in her

fourth finger”

I followed the waiters gaze to

chioma’s left hand,the glittering

emerald ring was visible.

”youngman,even the bible said that what God has joined together let no

man put assunder”the waiter


I gulped just as chuka pulled me

aside and I hurriedly explianed

everything to him.

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