Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E34

1 month ago

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It seemed as if everything came to an

abrupt halt,the hairs at the back of my

neck stood,I have read so many

books where the writers describe

something like this scene but it hadnt

prepared me for this. Chioma withdrew a step,with her

mouth shaped like a wide circle,I

darted my eyes at her

companion,who was dressed in red

Tshirt over khaki chinos trouser.

Many questions popped in my brain. Questions like ‘are you bewitched?’

‘apart from I and ogechi who else did

you dupe?’

‘are you crazy?’

but instead when i opened my

mouth,the words refused to come out. ”chioma why did you withdraw money

from my account?”I found myself

asking instead.

She let out a sharp gust of air.

”Excuse Us please,we dont know who

you are”stanley drawled and grabbed chioma’s right hand.

”stop it,leave my sister alone” I

ordered,obstructing the entrance


A waiter came hurrying to Us.

”please whats the problem here?” he asked.

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