Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E31

1 month ago

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nne pls snd me credit,even if it is 50

naira transfer it will be enof. What i did,was it wrong ?? Men arent mean to be loosers naaI waited and waited but she didnt

reply my message,i was about

laughing out loud when my phone


It was from ogechi,I emmited a long

hiss. ”hellow emmy good afternoon”she

greeted in that angellic voice of hers.

I gulped ”afternoon oge,how far?”

”am not fine,i have been sick thats

why i havent been attending

meetings and studies,all these while you didnt call me for once,its unfiar

oo”she remarked.

”am really sorry oge”I apologised,also

wondering why she called me.

”never mind,thats past tense

now,how business?” ”fine,i thank Jah”I replied.

”yes oo,that reminds me,chioma

showed me the phone you gave her

and I called to say thank you,you

have done well for her”

”it is..is my pleasure”I stammered,already regretting why I

gave chioma the phone.

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