Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E30

1 month ago

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How could chioma do this to me ?? I went totally beserk.

Chioma has bitten the fingers that

fed her.


I was stupified and bereft of words.

If my biological sister could have the conscience to do this to me,only

heaven knows what my supposed girl friends would do . I was boiling in rage,i felt like

punching anyone that come within

distance,my palms curled in a tight

fist,beads of perspiration rolled down

my forehead.

My phone beeped. I feared the worst,what if chioma had

fishingly gotten the password of my

business zenith account. The message was from chioma(not

my sister)

pls snd me credit…..she had sent.

I grimaced..credit kee debit ni. Do I look like central bank Imagine!

With the anger boiling within me i

sent her my reply,it went thus:

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