Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E18

1 month ago

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I heard someone call my name across

the mian road and i looked up, it was Arinze.

A friend of mine that had attended

the same secondary school with me.

”Emekus whats up naa?”he asked,as

he crossed the main road.

We exchanged a firm handshake. ”am fine ooo,where are you heading

to?” I asked as i noticed his trianee

shoe,baggy trouser and large

basketball singlet that had the picture

of the tatooed lilwayne on the front.

Arinze smiled,displaying his set of white glittering teeth.

”just heading to my regular joint,i

need to take some booze to keep my

spirit high”he remarked.

”haba so you havent stopped this

your drinking habit ehnn,and by the look of your lower lip i know you still

smoke” i retorted.

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