Ambrose Goes to Village - S01 E20

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(Ambrose Side Of The Story)

I said you should wait am coming and stop

banging that door as if na your aged papa

get am

Cousin: IJIOT come quick nah

(I opened the door and Samuel my Cousin

Rushed into the house pushing me one side,

with fear i banged the door and ran after

him, but i didt see him again

Me: Guy were you dey ni?

Cousin: For Kitchen joor

Me: Je… Je……. Jehovah, comon comot there

now now, (i said and rushed into the

kitchen and saw him eating the left over

food, the thing pain me eeh)

Cousin: Why you wan cry nah?

Me: Bascard so na my Food you the devour

like this?

Cousin: No worry we go cook another one

Me: And who go sponsor am?

Cousin: Me offcourse, Oh you think say i go

involve you wey be beggar

Me: I don hear

Cousin: This guy you like food too much oo

Me: That one concern you???

Cousin: I wan ask you a question

Me: Ok ask

Cousin: “you’re holding a pot of food you

just cooked while walking up the stairs and

bae is about to trip, do you try to catch bae

or hold on to pot”??

Me: Biko this is my answer with reasons. I

will jejely hold on to my pot of food with the

following reasons.

1. If she falls she shall rise again, but my pot

of food? Nah!!!

2. You can handle bae after the fall, give her

some food from the pot and she’s fine.

3. Bae won’t die na, just small fall? kpata

kpata na just two teeth go remove.

4. Bae can save herself, food cannot.

5. A pot of food won’t ever cheat on me.

6. A few broken bones never killed anyone,

she’ll survive.

7. “Bae” is just one word but “Pot of food”?

Oya do the maths

8. Finally, Bible said ” seven that’s shall a man

fall and seven times he shall rise” this is just

her first fall na. With this few points of mine,

I know I have convinced you that a pot of

food is more……. In fact, Never mind

Cousin: Chai guy you wicked die

Me: I don hear you

(we discussed some more time before he

went home to organize the money for the

food and i was very hungry so i went to my

bag and saw #500, chai see promo i said to

myself, i took the money and decided to

branch one Restaurant to eat some food

before hunger and death go call me to glory



I went to a resturant with just 5

hundred naira. So I ordered for food

worth 4 hundred naira. As I sat down to

eat, a man sitting besides me putting on a

nice shirt said to him: “Sir, I love the way

you’re eating, you can add more food, I will

pay”. I quickly added more food for 8

hundred naira. The guy then told me again:

“you eat so well: add 2 soft drinks so that

you can drink after eating”.

I made the order. After drinking one

bottle, and i tried opening the second bottle,

the opener fell down and as I bent down

to pick it, I was shocked to see that the

who sat beside me was bare footed, then I

noticed the he was a mad man.

The mad man smiled and looked at Me

and said: “You don die today, the kind

beating them go give you eeh, me don

comot here (he said and laughed and went


I started crying and thinking the way they


going to beat me here today, only God will

save me.



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